FC Logo NewEach week the team review the latest cinema release, talk about what else they’ve seen in the past seven days and discuss the latest news from the film world (if it happens to have crossed their Twitter feeds prior to recording). Occasionally the team will produce a themed Triple Bill, choosing three films each that fit a particular category.

If you want in depth reviews of the key components that make an individual movie good or bad, then you’re looking in the wrong place. If you want to listen to a group of people chat about film and be occasionally humorous with it, then that’s us.

Produced by James Diamond

Hosted by Steve Norman

Contributions from Carole Petts and Owen Hughes

All music by Kevin MacLeod of http://incompetech.com

Web Page: http://failedcritic.libsyn.com/webpage

RSS Feed: http://failedcritic.libsyn.com/rss (copy into your podcast management software or RSS reader)

All archived podcasts, including the latest episode, can be found here.

8 thoughts on “Podcast

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  6. Hellowww…my fucking ears!!!

    Please, please, please and please do something about your lack of “Wikihowing” the general usage of standard microphone usage. In this day and age it is not impossible to recreate and broadcast the human voice on a smoother level. The last episode sounded like you might have been speaking through fucking kazoos.

    Enjoy the chat; fix the sound!

    All the merry best,

    Andy Mac ;)

    • Hi Andy,

      First of all… apologies for the terrible sound quality of our recent podcasts. It’s really, really annoying because we can’t identify what seems to be causing the issue. Without going into too much boring detail about our set up, the audio issues seem to come about between the final edit (of which the sound quality is publishable) and actually publishing (at which point something is being compressed and results in the horrendous screeching/distortion you’ve experienced).

      Secondly, we’re a bit fed up with it too! We’re on a hiatus this week, we have some ideas to try out for our next pod and so hopefully that’ll be the end of it and everything will be back to normal from then on. :-)

      Thanks for the feedback though and glad to hear you enjoy the chat at least (when you can actually hear it of course!)


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