FC Logo NewEach week the Failed Critics discuss the week’s big cinema release, as well as choosing a themed Triple Bill, and rating old and new films they’ve seen.

Produced by James Diamond

Hosted by Steve Norman

Contributions from James Diamond and Owen Hughes

All music by Kevin MacLeod of  http://incompetech.com

Web Page: http://failedcritic.libsyn.com/webpage

RSS Feed: http://failedcritic.libsyn.com/rss (copy into your podcast management software or RSS reader)

Latest Episode:

There’s no James this week (hooray!) as the rest of the team review Trans4ormers: Age of Extinction (boo!), and The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared (huh?). We also hear about the sneak peak preview of Guardians of the Galaxy.


Previous episodes available here

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