The Failed Critics Podcast is changing…

As you will no doubt notice tomorrow (if you didn’t already know), we’ve taken a week off from Failed Critics to pursue solo projects. For example – I have been writing and discovering I am too old to ‘do’ music festivals the way I used to. I think the other lads have just been gorging themselves on the BBC Olympic coverage.

Our Batman Special was our fastest downloaded episode ever, and will shortly become our most popular episode yet. We’d all like to thank everyone who has downloaded, listened it, and recommended Failed Critics. We love you all.

That said, we know that we have a lot of work to do to keep Failed Critics improving, and it’s for that reason that the format is changing from next week.

The most important change is that we are splitting the podcast into two episodes – this is so we can produce a fun and, hopefully, informative podcast that you can listen to in less time than it takes to sit down and watch a film. Each of these podcasts will be produced weekly, so those mad bastards among you who want to listen to everything we publish will still get your fill of Failed Critics.

The new podcasts will be:

Failed Critics Review – published on a Tuesday night, this podcast will feature us reviewing the week’s big release as well as discussing the films we’ve seen that week, and our take on the latest film news and rumours.

Failed Critics Present: Triple Bill – We’re now giving our Triple Bill feature its own podcast, allowing us to expand on our choices and reasons for picking them each week. This will be published every weekend.

We’re very excited about the future of Failed Critics, and we hope you all continue to listen and enjoy our ramblings.

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