Failed Critics Review: Sinister

Play the creepy music. Watch out for strange noises. Hide your children in fear. This week James returns to Failed Critics! Oh, and we also review creepy-as-hell scare-fest Sinister.

Also on the podcast that dare not speak the name of a hideous entity from the depths of Hell for fear of granting it extra power (basically that Neeson-starring revenge sequel), we review Paranormal Activity and the ‘found footage’ genre, Will Ferrell’s latest comedy The Campaign, and Gerry decides it would be okay to do something completely different this week.

What this podcast lacks in accuracy and insight, it makes up for in sheer shambolic joy!

Join us later in the week for our Triple Bill of Top Revenge Films!



4 thoughts on “Failed Critics Review: Sinister”

  1. The problem with Sinister is the trailer! The whole trailer gives away far too many scares!
    I saw this at Frightfest and with out even seeing any trailers or previews/reviews. Which I think made the impact of the film much better for me! Plus seeing it with the Frighfest crowd makes a big difference. Plus they got the humour!
    I then saw it with the Grimmfest crowd, nobody laughed as much.
    When I saw it on opening night with a full audience in a normal cinema, who mostly ended up screaming! Nobody laughed I assume they didn’t get the fact you can laugh in a horror film!

    I really liked it and the end couldn’t have been any other way, I would have been gutted if they had got away!

    Also uninspired films this week – Intouchables – amazing. The Perks of a Wallflower, brilliant!, Looper!

  2. Hi Shawky – I agree about the ending, it was the only way to do it. But it just came about so suddenly and there were a few things leading up to it that felt slightly rushed. Still one of the best horror films I’ve seen this year though and I would’ve loved to have seen it in a crowd of horror film fans instead of in a Cineworld packed with nattering teens!

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