Failed Critics Podcast: Seven Psychopaths

WC9V6228.CR2This week’s podcast returns to the bread and butter work of reviewing the latest releases, and the spotlight is on Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to the brilliant In Bruges – Seven Psychopaths. Boasting a brilliant cast including Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken half of the podcast team (yes, I know…) give their verdicts.

Also in this episode James tries to cement his hipster art-house credentials while sporting the worst French accent since ‘Allo ‘Allo with his glowing reviews of Amour and Intouchables; Gerry finally gets around to watching Prometheus; Owen gets confused and somehow watches Predators instead of Predator; and Steve goes to great lengths to test the podcast theory that we can watch any film which stars The Rock by reviewing Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

We’re back next week with a Tolkien-inspired special episode with our first thoughts on The Hobbit.



One thought on “Failed Critics Podcast: Seven Psychopaths”

  1. Nice Pod Cast.

    Musicals are great! I loved Rock of Ages, the music was what I grew up listening to, and Cruise knocked it out of the park for me. Which I was surprised at.

    Journey 2 – harsh! This is a kids film, nothing more. It’s in the vain of the Saturday Morning Adventure films of old. And my kids aren’t thick the twins are 7 and they enjoyed it, my eldest who is 12, watches Inception, Great Expectations she also enjoyed it. Kids don’t need major story lines, they need action, they want action, they don’t need dialogue……

    Prometheus – Stunning to look at, let down by a poor script, underused characters and typical horror film victim fodder. Plus if you have to advertise your Blu Ray release saying there will be answers, says it all to me, they know they made a mess of it. And then to only include the answers on the Blu Ray as well, is also very poor.

    Predators – No comment really, average Sci Fi thriller with no redeeming characters, a bit disappointing really.

    Untouchables – Brilliant one of my favourite films this year, so funny. Omar Sy is brilliant.

    Amour – Raw emotion, the end is beautifully handled. Such a sad film. Brilliant acting and direction. The lack of score also makes it much more powerful.

    I am going to see the hobbit now. I’ll finish the podcast later, interested to hear what you think of Seven Psychopaths.

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