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Failed Critics Podcast: Les Miserables

Do you hear the critics sing?

Podding the thoughts of angry men,

They are the musings of a people who won’t watch Rock of Ages again,

When the bleating of the fool,

Echoes the bleating of the drunk,

There is podcast about to start when tomorrow comes!

That’s right, James has finally managed to persuade the critics back into the cinema to see another musical, and hopefully this time they won’t want to kill him afterwards. Also on our big return we review new releases Gangster Squad, The Sessions, The Impossible, and Quartet.

Join us next week as we review Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. The D is silent, the podcast won’t be…



One thought on “Failed Critics Podcast: Les Miserables”

  1. Why all the hate for the Hangover or Limitless, fair enough they may not be Oscar winning films, but I have seen a lot worse than these. I admit they do tend to be horror films, or even Alex Cross… but mostly I like Cooper. The A-Team was a silly waste of a film, granted it could have been a whole lot better – the Tank Scene is just plain ridiculous, but overall it was fun (just!).

    As for Cooper’s Oscar nomination, for me (and a few others) he deserves it, not because of Weinstein, but because of the writer’s, the director and his excellent performance. Along with Lawrence they shine in this film, they shine brightly, like the sun! Also De Niro, possible the best I’ve seen him in a film for years! Jackie Weaver is good, but not has great as she was in Animal Kingdom (Which I really like as well). So give Cooper some credit, he may make the odd misstep in his film choices, but at the end of the day so do most of them, look at Tom Hardy in This is War, not his best moment is it?

    As for my comments on Les Miserables, I should have said I liked the fun and the songs of Rock of Ages, while LM is a superb production, with some very emotional scenes and a stunning performance from Hathaway (a few tears) and a rousing finale. But when I was talking to my wife about LM I felt it boarded on an Opera more than a traditional musical, which came up in the podcast; I maybe wasn’t expecting that. I am going to go and see it again, I’m sure my daughter would not say no!

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