The Inbetweeners 2: A Drubbing

However the second film is perhaps a step too far with few laughs and little endearment towards the main characters.

By Steve Norman (@StevePN86)

inbetweeners 2 3Six years ago The Inbetweeners hit the screen for the first time. Originally airing on E4 the sitcom about four sixth form lads who were not popular, not unpopular, hence the title, was an overnight success which spawned two more series, an American spinoff and as of this week two movies.

The T.V. series really encapsulated what it was like to be that age at school. It got the humour right, not making it too childish or immature but really ‘getting’ the ‘banter’ shared between a group of mates of that age.

A movie was announced and like many I feared that the Inbetweeners had jumped the shark but what we got was a worthy transfer from small screen to silver screen where Simon, Will, Neil and Jay ventured off to some Greek (I think) resort for their first lads holiday.

Just as the three T.V. series really understood school life, the first movie was a great take on a first holiday with your mates.

However the second film is perhaps a step too far with few laughs and little endearment towards the main characters.

The Inbetweeners 2 sees our heroes on a months ‘travelling’ around Australia to meet Jay who has gone out there to be a superstar DJ.

The biggest problem is that Jay and Will have become parodies of themselves while Simon has just acquired a bigger moron of a love interest than Carli (infuriatingly spelt with an ‘I’). Neil is the only one that has not suffered and gets the most laughs as a result.

Jay’s bullshit was always funny but his opening monologue, bragging about his life in Australia, is quite frankly over the top and ridiculous. While his brags about his Football Manager prowess getting him an offer of a role in the England set up or his sexual prowess at the Caravan Club were funny, this was just over done and got tedious quite quick.

Will has become too confident. He should never be picking up a guitar to impress a girl or going on a sober rant, even if what he was saying was spot on.

The jokes too seemed to be lowest common denominator with lots of gross out humour or slapstick. Of course I was not expecting sophisticated humour from the Inbetweeners, but the jokes in their previous outings did not seem so easy or obvious.

There are some plus points and a few laughs. Not many stand out as being that memorable but it certainly raised a few laughs. It just did not have me in stitches like I was hoping it would. The cameos at the end are a little pointless as well.

Apparently it was difficult enough to reunite the cast for this second outing and despite an obvious camaraderie and comradeship between the quartet it seems unlikely that they will return to complete a trilogy.

And given how disappointing this outing was that can only be a relief. At least the majority of the Inbetweeners legacy will be left intact.

You can listen to Steve talk about the film with the rest of the podcast team on the next episode, out some time in the next week or so. In the meantime, you can find him on Twitter @StevePN86.

6 thoughts on “The Inbetweeners 2: A Drubbing”

    1. That sounds like a very apt way of describing it! There seems to be a lot of positivity around it from professional critics, but all I’m seeing of it online is confusion over its popularity.

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