Failed Critics Podcast: Teaser, Trailer, Mockingjay, Spy

Notice: Apologies for the return of our audio issues this week. We’re currently investigating the issue and will update this page in due course.

jurassic worldA few days ago, in a galaxy quite close to where you are right now, three people got together to record this podcast!

This week, as you’ve probably guessed already, the team mull over the teaser / trailer / pre-trailer-teaser / clip things for Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and decide if they’re ‘clever girls’ or just stinky old nerf herders. Also on this episode, we have a review of the first part of the third part of the Hunger Games series with Mockingjay, Part 1; as well as brand new docu-drama about the life of the titular artist, Hockney.

Amongst all of this and the mayhem that is the dramatic conclusion to our ongoing quiz, there’s still time for Carole to review the gorgeous new Guardians of the Galaxy steelbook; Steve questions dodgy accents in Ocean’s Eleven; and Owen explains why he “quite liked” Life Is Beautiful.

Join us again next week for more news and reviews. Until then, may the force be–no sorry I can’t do it. Just.. come back next week. I’m sure you’ll find a way.



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