Important Podcast Announcement

Hello! We have an announcement of sorts to make about changes and developments to the weekly Failed Critics Podcast.

We’ve recently (as of this morning) changed podcast host from Libsyn to Acast.What this means in terms of how you currently access the podcast, you shouldn’t actually see too much of a difference. Whether you use apps like Podcast Addict, or iTunes, or an RSS feed or by using the direct link in articles when we post new episodes; you should still be able to access the pod in all the usual ways. Well, with the exception of going via the Libsyn page, of course.

There are a couple of reasons for the change. Firstly, the not-as-good news. You might occasionally hear an advert on the podcast. Not every time, but sometimes there might be one. We have no control over what’s advertised, these are chosen by Acast. Of the pods I’ve personally listened to on Acast, it’s only been stuff like Dominos and such like! No NSFW porn sites or intrusive pop up ads or anything particularly offensive to the ears!

What this means for us is that as Acast is free to use, we’re no longer paying out of pocket to keep Libsyn going (which James was doing previously and, since his departure, I’ve been stumping up the cash for). As simple to use as the service is, they don’t do it out of the kindness of their hearts. It costs us every month, and as we don’t make any profit whatsoever from Failed Critics, it’s getting more difficult to sustain the podcast via a paid-for service when there are alternatives available. We made it to over 150 episodes without any sponsorship support, but we’ve finally bitten the bullet.

Whilst I’m not now expecting to make any money at all from FC, nor would I ever seriously consider charging people to access our content, we might see a teensy bit come back in ad revenue to cover the other ongoing costs of running the site. None of which will go direct to either Steve nor myself, but will solely be used to keep the site alive. So, apologies if you do hear an advert, but rest assured that it’s only so we can keep bringing you this weekly shambolic film nonsense. Who knows, you may even hear something slightly relevant.

Secondly, believe me, I would not be going through the hassle of moving podcast host if I didn’t think we were moving to the right hosts for us. The good news is that Acast is a much more dynamic platform for hosting podcasts. Genuinely, the site is brilliant. I didn’t realise just how fantastic it was until I started to use it earlier today to edit our recent podcast. We can insert links to articles, other podcasts, external websites and even YouTube clips! Each section / review will also now be “bookmarked” on the podcast, so if you only ever listen to the new reviews, or the news section, and hate our ‘what we’ve been watching’ bit, you can now skip to each section that you actually want to listen to incredibly easily. If we’re talking about a film and you think it’s getting a bit too spoilery for you, skip ahead to the next review. Want to re-listen to a review? Skip back. It’s simple and as long as we can be arsed to keep sorting it in the edit, you’ll be able to do it!*

An added bonus is that the upload issues we kept experiencing last year with Libsyn whereby our audio would occasionally be compressed, resulting in the odd podcast having a virtually unlistenable sound quality, should never happen again. Hooray! We have managed to fix this since around the the start of this year, but it’s always best to be on the safe side.

Hopefully all of that means that occasional advert aside, it’ll actually make our podcasts if not better in terms of content, then at the very least somewhat shinier, more innovative and – crucially – able to continue to exist.

Try the latest episode to see what we mean:

As always, any feedback would be much appreciated. Just drop us a comment in the box below, send us a tweet or comment on our Facebook page.
*as long as you listen to the podcast via the acast website or the acast app, that is, available on Android or iPhone.

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