Failed Critics Podcast: Spooks, Britishness & Bad Impressions

spooksWelcome to another edition of the Failed Critics Podcast where hosts Steve Norman and Owen Hughes are joined by special guest Matt Lambourne.

In this episode, the team take a look at the big screen continuation of the long running and oft heralded BBC TV series with Spooks: The Greater Good. In honour of this very British espionage thriller, we have a triple bill where our trio each pick the three films they think sums up Britishness in movies best. Don’t worry, there’s no flag waving or national anthem renditions here. Just a veritable plethora of poor attempts at cross-country accents, from Danny Dyer to non-specific American.

We also introduce a brand new potentially semi-regular section to the podcast where we finally answer the burning questions you’ve been sending in to us, such as “who would win in a fight, an astronaut or a caveman?”, “why does Owen watch 847 films a week?”, “why don’t we let that handsome chap Callum Petch on the podcast more often?” and more! Yes, more! If you’d like to ask the Failed Critics any questions, simply tweet, facebook, comment on this article or email them to us and we’ll make room for them on a future podcast.

Join us again next week as we actually get to review some films for a change with the hotly anticipated release of Mad Max: Fury Road.



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