The Failed Critics on YouTube

Not too long ago now, we promised to start a YouTube channel where we would preserve our favourite reviews on the podcast, some of our funniest moments and also our many, many shambolic gaffs. So far, we’ve uploaded a few clips taken from our archived older podcasts – and we’re on the look out for me!

Ever embarrassed yourself in public by laughing out loud like a lunatic at something we’ve said?

Ever re-evaluated your opinion on a particular film after a member of our crew reviewed it?

Ever pondered deeply at the profundity of one of our insightful discussions?

…..probably not the latter! But if you’ve got any favourite moments from the 170 podcasts we’ve recorded over the last three years, then we want to know.

For now, why not check out the following clips we’ve got on YouTube right now for some inspiration?

George, It’s Gone Wrong!

Episode: 008

Date: 12 June 2012

Podcast host Steve Norman became possibly the most animated he’s ever been on the podcast when explaining exactly where it went wrong with Star Wars and why George Lucas is to blame.

Listen to the full podcast episode

Moebius & Kinky Duck

Episode: 150

Date: 3 April 2015

Reacting to being anonymously assigned the Kim Ki-duk dialogue-free art-house drama Moebius by another podcaster, in this clip Andrew Brooker attempts to explain the film to the rest of the team.

Listen to the full podcast episode

Alien & Homosexual Oral Rape

Episode: 005

Date:22 May 2012

In this clip, taken from only the fifth ever episode of the podcast, Gerry McAuley explains why Ridley Scott’s science fiction horror Alien is one of his favourite films of the 1970’s.

Listen to the full podcast episode

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and don’t forget to leave your suggestions for clips you’d like to hear again in the comments section below!

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