Deathgasm“This one time, a girl grabbed my nuts too hard and my splooge came out red!”

Sometimes, all you wanna do, after a bloody awful week at work is just sit and stare at some stupidness on the TV, right? It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a dumb sitcom or a crappy comedy movie, you just need to switch off for a bit and let the week slip away right? Friends, friends, I have the perfect thing for what ails you. And seeing as it’s October, the month of tenuous links to anything remotely horror to sell you some chocolate, or some fancy dress clothes, or as I discovered watching American TV this weekend, Burger King Whoppers in a BLACK FUCKING BUN, what will cure your shitty week, is horror comedy Deathgasm.

Forced to move in with his religious nutbag uncle, metalhead Brodie finds himself in the same spot as all movie metalheads do in high school; on their own, usually being bullied! After making friends with like minded but crazy Zakk and a couple of D&D players they do the only thing that four teenagers with no hope of making more friends can do, they form a metal band to freak the shit out of everybody and piss off Brodie’s family with their “Devil Music”. When the gang go in search of a legendary rock star who’s rumoured to be living in their tiny little town, they stumble across a few sheets of music that, when they play it, unleashes an ancient evil upon the world and only the few that aren’t affected by the soul stealing demon known as “The Blind One” can fight against it. Together, the band and Brodie’s high school crush Medina must fight through demons, demon worshippers and annoying families to try and save the world.

Now, you see that last paragraph? You didn’t need to read that really. Ok, so it’s the story that, for want of a better word, drives the film forwards, but the more important thing you need to know is that it’s called Deathgasm. DEATHGASM.

Deathgasm is a balls out, bat shit crazy, ninety minutes of complete stupidity. An hour and a half of blood and gore mixed with a healthy dose of gross-out comedy. Long-time VFX specialist Jason Lei Howden’s first feature film is one hell of an introduction to his style as almost every scene oozes as much gore as it does toilet humour! With complete free reign over what goes on the screen, it’s a testament to just how much fun a director can have when studios aren’t involved and my God does this dude love what he’s doing. It feels like he was trying to write a Dog Soldiers style horror movie, but was watching Kevin Smith films and listening to Slayer in the background while he was penning the script. Blood, guts and decapitations meet crass, sweary dick jokes with an awesome metal soundtrack in a battle for the souls of non-metalheads who dare to challenge the power of the Black Hymn.

There’s not much else to say about Deathgasm. It’s a gross, gory comedy horror that tries its very best to offend you; I laughed more at this film than I have any other comedy so far this year. It’s also got the best use of a double-ended dildo since that scene in Requiem for a Dream. And you know what else? It’s called Deathgasm! What more do you need to know? DEATHGASM!

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