Front Row with Owen and Paul: Good Radio or Not

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Series two of Front Row with Owen and Paul is off to a flyer as the Bucks101 Radio show returns in a new timeslot (Tuesday’s at 5pm), but with just as much sport, movies and general shenanigans as ever.

Our featured movie review, after a short hiatus, sees Owen Hughes taking on the violent, extreme and nauseating action film, Hardcore Henry. Meanwhile, Paul Rutland rounds-up both the good and the unfortunate from the past week in sport – clearly, neither Owen nor Paul are qualified doctors.

Only one minor adjustment has been made to Front Row’s format since last series, with the choice of music in the live radio show being centred around a unique theme. In this episode, the pair were tasked with choosing tracks that remind them of films. We’re looking for suggestions from you, our loyal listeners, for different themes to adopt in future episodes. “Drop us a line” at, or tweet to @ohughes86 or @p_rutland96 with your topics.

You still won’t find music in the podcast, but as always you can listen to the tunes from every episode of Front Row on our YouTube page.


Right click to download the podcast as an mp3 file

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