Front Row with Owen and Paul: No Pips Apocalypse

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Better late than never, it’s this week’s episode of Front Row, with hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland. Running slightly overtime on Tuesday’s 5pm Bucks101 Radio broadcast, the podcast chunk of the show is also somewhat longer than usual – but still of the same quality.

Whether that quality is “good” or “bad” is for you to decide. If you’re leaning more towards the former than the latter, then we would really appreciate a quick vote in this years Best UK Podcast Award with New Media Europe over on Facebook! A quick click is all it takes to help us get closer to our first proper award nomination. Thanks!

On the show this week, Owen reviews the (soon-to-be-released but is-now-released) Green Room, whilst Paul runs through the week in sport including the top and the bottom of the Premier League, whether strikers should be judged on the goals they score or their performance, Andy Murray’s coach troubles and the Sri Lanka test match. The dice roll this week gave the pair a chance to chat about what’s been in news recently, specifically the London mayor election results.

The theme for the music on the live radio show saw the duo choosing a song for each letter of their name, so either click the link through to the YouTube playlist to listen to their selected tracks, or click each individual song below if you fancy just picking and choosing yourself!


  1. Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train (Owen)
  2. Weezer – The Good Life (Owen)
  3. Echo and the Bunnymen – Heads Will Roll (Owen)
  4. New Order – 1963 (Owen)
  5. Pentatonix – Evolution of Music (Paul)
  6. Alanis Morissette – Ironic (Paul)
  7. U2 – Beautiful Day (Paul)
  8. Lawson – Roads (Paul)

Right click to download the episode as an mp3

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