Front Row with Owen and Paul: Good Chat, Bad Curry

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We’re bringing you this week’s episode of Front Row with hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland a little early. Think of it as an apology for the technical issues that last week prevented us from releasing a podcast at all.

What did you miss? In brief: Paul offended his own mother, Owen talked X-Men until Paul fell asleep and there was an excellent (but inaudible) quiz. Sorry about that.

This week’s not only makes up for this by coming out slightly earlier than normal, but also in terms of quality. Special guest and weird-band aficionado Tim Richards joined the duo in the studio to share his passion for music. Pere Ubu, Kate Bush and The Roches earned a spot on the playlist, leading to some exceptionally eloquent and fascinating conversations – on Tim’s part at least – that put both Owen and Paul to shame.

There’s no movie review this week (it was going to be X-Men: Apocalypse, which was… alright) but sports round-up remains, where we forgot to mention the FA Cup final. Oops. Culinary tips were shared in roll-the-dice towards the end of the show, including Paul’s (in)famous chicken-nugget curry recipe. Barf.

The full radio show for this episode hasn’t yet been broadcast live, but you can (usually) tune in to Bucks101 Radio at 5pm on Tuesday’s to hear Front Row. Tim’s show, Universal Vibration, can be heard on the same station at 6pm on Wednesday’s and is well worth a listen.


Right click to download the episode as an mp3

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