Character Unlock: So Long, 2016


As the year draws to a close and everyone takes this opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief that the seemingly unending misery of the year of our Lord 2016 is finally over, it seems that we’ve actually had a pretty decent year for gaming.

To celebrate, join hosts Andrew Brooker and John Miller as they rattle down their best games of the year; and scrape the barrel to name a couple of rubbish ones. The lads drag out some games that they’ve talked about before on previous episodes, refusing to stop beating those dead horses and instead opt to get as much life out of them as possible; as well as finally getting to talk about a couple of games that they’ve been holding on to for just this occasion.

Tension and drama aplenty as John tries to big up one of his favourite games of the year but throws abuse at it instead, leaving Brooker to defend not only that, but the TWO Bethesda published games that John refuses to believe are good. Will this episode turn into a shouting match? Will either of them come out alive? Can you guess the one and only game the lads agreed on? All these answers and more in our final episode of 2016.

Join us bright and early in 2017, hopefully before anything awful has happened, to welcome a couple of guests onto the show where we dissect the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for listening to us ramble on over the back end of this year and we look forward to prattling on for hours on end come the new year.



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