Failed Critics Podcast: Resident Evil Unlocked


Welcome to this week’s episode of the Failed Critics Podcast as sister and brother merge in a horrific act of audio incest.

By which I mean that (our sister gaming podcast) Character Unlock‘s hosts Andrew Brooker and John Miller join Steve Norman and Owen Hughes to review video game adaptation franchise series movie thing Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Naturally the chat descends into a general conversation about the games as well (although you really should listen to the latest Character Unlock Resident Evil VII special for that).

Also on this edition of Failed Critics is a pointless quiz, a conflab about the relative merits of the Super Bowl trailers, and of course our regular What We’ve Been Watching. Steve is a double-hard bastard who ain’t scared of no TV static after watching The Ring and The Ring 2; Brooker squeezes in his annual watch of Any Given Sunday; Owen incites the wrath of PETA after a review of Rats, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary; and John gets all nostalgic over Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.

Join us again, er, soon, for “Failed Critics Unplugged: Live from the Old Contemptibles”.



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