Failed Critics Podcast: Failed Religious Studies

All hope abandon, ye who download this podcast as Steve, Owen, Brooker and Liam invite you into one of their seven circles of Hell for a special religious movies themed triple bill, just in time for Easter.

Alas, the sound quality takes a bit of a battering, as if the Devil himself mocked us by blowing down “the bugle of his ass-hole” in the background of the entire recording. Nevertheless, the four atheists persevered and each discuss three religious-themed movies of their choice. It was either that, or have them present their three favourite movies about eggs, rabbits and Jesus. A topic that’s a bit niche, even for us.

Also this week, we cover what else we’ve been watching over the past seven days, including: An overlooked contender for the best foreign language Oscar this year, Land of Mine; Finnish POTUS action thriller, Big Game, starring Samuel L Jackson; indie horror The Void and art-house thrills with Raw; and new-to-DVD, farting-corpse comedy, Swiss Army Man. We even bring Brian Plank onboard for a brief cameo to explain why the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer is just so good.

We’ll be back next week for a review of The Fate of the Furious – until then, keep an eye on our Twitter feed this Friday as Steve attempts to live-tweet his marathon of all eight Star Wars movies! Some might call that a not-so-Good Friday…



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