Character Unlock: Boots on the Ground – A Telltale Series

Welcome to another episode of Character Unlock, the video game-centric (but equally shambolic) Failed Critics sister podcast. In our 17th episode, usual host Andrew Brooker has stepped aside to let his partner in crime John Miller take the reigns, guiding us through the news from the past couple of weeks and keeping things on track as the guys share their last couple of weeks of gaming.

World War II is the focus of a big portion of this week’s news as the pair dig into the worldwide reveal of the latest Call of Duty instalment: WWII. Going back to its roots, as we discussed back in January, Activision’s yearly franchise has gotten someone all excited with its promise of things to come, while somehow really managing to get on the guys’ nerves with their incessant buzzwords and marketing nonsense. Elsewhere, there’s the welcome addition of Xbox digital refunds, exciting looking indie games, and playing Battlefield 1 DLC for free.

A mixed bag fills the last fortnight of gaming. From playing co-op games on their own and suffering for it, to spending a more than healthy amount of time playing iPhone games; all via a couple of episodic Telltale games, Character Unlock certainly have been keeping themselves busy recently.

Join us again in a couple of weeks for more nonsense, from us to you.In the meantime, find us on a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and let us know what you think of our latest episode.



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