Character Unlock: War, Death, Fury and Gaming Funks

The seals have been broken and the armies of Heaven, Hell and Earth are locked in a battle to decide the fate of all eternity. Answering the call, your hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker are here to make sense of the chaos that has ravaged the Earth.

Ok, maybe things aren’t quite that bad, luckily, because no one wants these two to be the guys deciding the fate of humanity. I mean, it took the not-so-dynamic-duo three attempts and a ton of giggling like children to even get the episode off the ground this week – they ain’t ready for that kind of responsibility.

What they can do is kill an hour of your life by exploring the gaming news from the last couple of weeks and sharing the games they’ve been playing for the last fortnight. Newly leaked Assassin’s Creed games and recently confirmed not-dead Darksiders 3 are the main orders of the day as the lads get into what they do and don’t want from the jumpy, stubby, stealth series’ return. The pair get more than a little giddy at the thought of a return to the universe of The Four Horsemen.

Continuing his trek through the digital pile-of-shame, Brooker makes decent headway as he completes not one, not two, but three of his episodic game backlog. Meanwhile, John is inspired to start Batman and finally gets his hands on multi-Game-of-The-Year award winning online shooter, Overwatch.

What was good, what was bad, what bored them to tears and what left them shell-shocked and wanting more? Get this week’s episode in your ears for the answers to all these questions and more. Until next time, come say hello on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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