Failed Critics Podcast: Eat Local, Solong Han, and Steve’s Jobs

Despite reports of different creative visions for this episode of the Failed Critics Podcast, hosts Steve Norman and Owen Hughes haven’t left the project, but have brought on board Underground Nights co-host Paul Field to delve into some film news and reviews.

The pod kicks off with Owen still in the big comfy leather armchair, pitting Steve and Paul against each other in a quiz themed around our main review this week; Jason Flemyng’s directorial debut, the British horror-comedy, Eat Local. We follow the quiz with a brief round-up of a couple of recent news headlines, including the retirement of Daniel Day-Lewis, and “different creative visions” for the Han Solo solo movie which has seen Phil Lord and Chris Miller given the ol’ heave-ho.

Our main feature this week sees each of the panel picking their three dream jobs from within the fictional world of any film, in honour of Baby Driver, which will be reviewed next week. Did any of our team choose getaway driver as their dream job in movies?

You could also check out our podcast from around this same time back in 2013, where Steve and Owen (along with James Diamond and Gerry McAuley) picked their three worst movie jobs.



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