Character Unlock: Life on the Horizon is Strange

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming.

After a mammoth E3 last week, the Character Unlock guys are back to doing what they do: playing video games and talking an unlimited amount of nonsense. This week is no different.

This episode, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker forego a news section – nothing much happened anyway – and jump straight into what they’ve been playing since the end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Having garnered some help in the form of a Twitter poll, the CU audience decided which of Brooker’s half finished games he should get out the way first. As it turned out, he was destined to spend two solid days finishing off Guerrilla Games’ open-world action/adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn. And boy does he speak at length about it. Similarly, after months of pestering, John finally got his teeth into Dontnod’s time bending Life is Strange; and the pair try to talk about it without spoiling anything. No mean feat, I can promise you that.

GTA V’s latest online update and the re-release of the criminally underrated Bulletstorm bring up the rear for this week’s gaming chat. Oh, and the lads argue about who is recommending what freebies this episode. All in a day’s work.

Join us back here in a couple of weeks for more foolishness from our hosts, and maybe even some gaming chat. Until then, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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