2017 in Review – June

“Guys, It’s okay. He just wanted his machete back!”

Six months ago, Brooker challenged himself to watch 365 films in 2017. At a rate of one-a-day, it seemed like a challenge that should be do-able but almost certainly would hit a hiccup or two along the way. At the half way point of the year, he’s well on his way to completing a challenge… With a couple of months in hand, too.

June is done. Officially half way through this year and the bet that I thought I was going to lose seems within my reach. Back in January, I forced an absolute shit load of films in where I could so I could get a little ahead of myself. It meant that I was going to go into February and March with a few extras films in my back pocket and I would have an easy time if I got behind or sidetracked one month.

But it turns out that in fact, as much as I thought I would give up in a couple of months that I’ve been able to, even in the face of massive games and big TV events, keep my numbers up to a more than respectable level.

Read on…

Week One

What a way to start the month, huh? The brilliant Wonder Woman kicked off June in probably the best way possible. It was going to be tough to keep up with that one over the next 30 days.

Luckily, the wife having her debut on the Failed Critics podcast meant we went through a load of cool films directed by women; Surveillance and American Psycho top that particular list for me. Sadly, it was mixed in with preparations for the latest Transformers “film” with us mainlining the first four Michael Bay abominations.

With a new Dark Universe set to start this month, a revisit to the surprisingly fun and not really that badly dated The Mummy franchise from 1999 was on the cards. The upcoming Universal monsters film also spurred Sky to bring us Sky Cinema: Tom Cruise; which started the yearly Mission: Impossible binge.

Week Two

A slow, binge filled week this one. While not the most productive of weeks, I did get more than my fill of Tom Cruise running on film over the course of just a few days.

So, yeah. A further four Mission: Impossible films were on the bill this week. Even with the surprisingly pants second instalment, it’s still one of my favourite franchises. Silly, dumb, exploding fun, perfect for this week. It was E3 week in LA and that meant a whole load of time was spent covering more than a handful of games over the days of the convention. So much work went into it that films I could just turn my brain off and watch? Just what the doctor ordered.

Aside from the shiny new incarnation of The Mummy, pretty much the only film that wasn’t part of a franchise I watched was classic 80’s comedy Stakeout. a slow, not particularly interesting week overall.

Week Three

Now this is more like it. Kind of.

Ok, not really. Not even a little bit. But it is a week where I’m at home with games to play and films to watch. I made the decision to bang through as much random shit as I could find this week. And random was definitely the order of the day.

Day one of this week was a good show of how the rest of the week would go. Guy Ritchie’s Snatch, then Enemy of the State, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and the day ended with one of my favourite mainstream horrors from last year, David E Sandberg’s Lights Out.

See? Random.

Hotel Transylvania 2, Team America and U.S. Marshals filled out the middle of the week that ended with classics like The Usual Suspects. Unfortunately, this week also included a three hour midnight visit to the cinema to watch the fucking awful Transformers: The Last Knight.

Week Four

What started off as a dodgy week, with revisits to the bloody awful Bridesmaids and the brilliant Collateral, ended with a binge of some outstanding horrors. On my second or third horror kick of the year already, not at all inspired by the impending line-up announcements and box office opening for this year’s FrightFest, this week started a binge that has been planned out to go on for quite a while.

To start… Friday the 13th.

Yes, more than half of the week was taken up by the ten, yes TEN Friday the 13th movies. With an insane quality curve that plays havoc with any idea of a good franchise. The first couple are some of the best classic horror films around, but once you get past those, man there is some awful shit. The uber-crap, but uber-fun film that invented uber-Jason though, what a treat. Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason made up for the crap that preceded them easily.

That’s where my week, my month and that particular binge ended. I will NOT be watching the 2009 remake again. Never again.

With FrightFest fresh in mind as the month ends, July looks to be a very horror-centric month, and I’m well excited for it. But until then, having a couple of weeks off of work has made this month much more successful than I imagined it could do and has left me with a weird problem as to timing how this ends. I desperately want to finish this challenge with a certain film, but timing may be against me now! Dammit!

We shall see.

Films seen this month: 43
Current count, as of 31st of May: 295 of 365.

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