Character Unlock: The Classic Mini Super Turbo Episode

Welcome to this week’s episode of Character Unlock, where hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker decide to mark the occasion of the recently announced Super Nintendo Classic by dragging back on their guest from February’s Resident Evil episode, fellow Failed Critic Matt Lambourne rejoins the duo.

With a veritable buffet of nonsense to cover, the lads tackle the ridiculous situation that Activision caused for themselves with their insane rerelease of their Modern Warfare rerelease. Moving swiftly into more news of old classics getting awfully misguided releases, the latest Micro Machines game to be unleashed on the world takes a well-deserved beating from the group.

Matt rolls the conversation right back around to Call of Duty in his episode’s What We’ve Been Playing section, as he explains why he wasn’t as taken with Modern Warfare as everyone else. While our hosts revisit favourites and faithfuls like a Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and Bulletstorm before delving into our first good, meaty topic in a while.

Come join the trio as they dissect the games on the soon-to-be-on-eBay-at-four-times-the-cost Super NES Classic Mini console. From Kirby’s Dream Course to Castlevania and everything in between, the guys take a good hard look at the nostalgia driven console and the games that could make or break it.

Join us again in a couple of weeks for more gaming foolishness. In the meantime, maybe come find us on a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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