Failed Critics in the Independent

Long-time contributor to Failed Critics, Paul Field, recently reviewed Dangerous Game for the Independent, which unseated United Passions as “the worst football film of all time”.

Even before regular Failed Critic Paul Field foisted the terrible geezer movie Mob Handed on the rest of us back in August, he’s been on a self-imposed mission to watch the best and worst that the British indie scene has to offer. Together with his Underground Nights co-host, James Mullinger, they recorded a Brit-flick special last month dedicated to the scourge of Asda shelves up and down the country.

Nobody can deny Paul’s dedication to supporting the British indie scene, even if some films turn out to be God awful. He even bought every single film on Amazon that had the word “hooligan” in the title.

However, Mr Field has finally outdone himself and found a movie that he describes as a worse football film than the FIFA propaganda drama, United Passions. Take it from us, that takes some doing.

Dangerous Game stars Calum Best, a top, top striker at a mid-table Premier League club earning £5k a week, who throws a game for Russian mobster Darren Day (yes, that Darren Day) in order to clear his gambling debts and top up his wages to match those of his rival teammate.

Filmed partly on location at Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC, it’s hard to imagine how much real hard-earned money has been pumped into Dangerous Game. Especially when it receives a 1-star review on a national newspaper’s website. Although product placement for a certain brand of vodka may have helped to sweeten the deal.

Speaking of which, Paul’s review is an absolute must read before it inevitably pops up on one of our podcasts as a quiz booby-prize. His plot descriptions and observations are both hilarious and puzzling in equal measure.

In other media

United Passions: “FIFA’s hideous £16million movie is unintentional comedy gold”
Paul Field gave this disastrous biopic 1-star in The Mirror. (June 2015)

Barry Norman made my dreams come true
James Mullinger, Paul’s Underground Nights co-host, wrote for GQ about his life-changing encounter with the late British film critic. (July 2017)

As bad a film as Dangerous Game is, Paul also notes that it is “worth seeing for how bad it is, so much hilarity“. Luckily for you, it is easily available on both DVD and VOD from Amazon.

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