Character Unlock: Death Before Destiny and Dishonored 2

We honestly don’t know what’s going on. There should be plenty of big news floating about about now, but it seems like everyone has started their summer holidays early and the guys struggled to find news this week! Still, they have to try don’t they? Welcome to this week’s episode of Character Unlock.

That’s not to say there wasn’t stuff to talk about, with the fresh of the presses (at time of recording) announcement that Titanfall 2, a favourite game from last year for both of our hosts, is getting some significant DLC for free just in time for those that pick it up from EA’s vault. Along with some confused conversation about the newly announced Atari console that no one knows anything about.

John managed to drag himself out of a gaming funk this week by hitting old dependables Destiny and Battlefield 1; he even managed to school Brooker a little bit as he starts his Destiny career (again) in time for the sequel. Brooker fell back to his pile of unfinished games, this time spending time with fantasy action epic Dishonored 2; a game he simultaneously loved (and hated) with a burning passion.

Join us again in a couple of weeks and catch up with the guys and their escapades. Gaming and not.

Listen via Acast for the most interactive experience


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