Front Row with Owen and Paul: Trucking On

Fresh from a rain-soaked three days at the big-little Truck music festival, Owen Hughes joins Paul Rutland in the Bucks 101 Radio studio for another episode of Front Row.

Inspired by the multitude of new bands that Owen discovered at Truck, the theme for the music on the live radio show (10am on Mondays) were all tracks that neither Owen nor Paul had heard a week ago. The Big Moon, Slaves, Trash, Shannon Noll, JP Cooper and more all got an airing – but you’ll have to listen to the live show to hear the tunes.

Elsewhere on the podcast, it was a hefty weekend of sport with lots for Paul to work through, including Chris Froome’s incredible Tour de France performance, success for the England women’s cricket team, football transfers and a bunch of stuff we couldn’t even fit into the show in any depth due to time constraints! But we did also sneak in a review of upcoming sci-fi horror film Phoenix Forgotten and a preview (of sorts) for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

All of our archived episodes of Front Row can still be accessed for free.

Right click to download the episode as an mp3

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