Failed Critics Podcast: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Only a week and a half late this time, it’s our Kingsman: The Golden Circle podcast! Entering into the fool’s golden circle that is the Failed Critics Podcast this week is Steve Norman, Owen Hughes, Tony Black and Brian Plank.

The quiz was cut from the final audio due to being incredibly shit. Sorry. Maybe doing anagrams on the radio is not a great idea. But if you want to play along, you can find the questions that Steve et al struggled through at the bottom of this bumf.

Elsewhere on the show: Steve reviewed BBC’s dark comedy series Stag which has just been added to Netflix; Tony gets to grips with the new Star Trek Discovery episodes as well as sports drama Borg McEnroe; Brian watches the “very strange” Mr Biffo’s Found Footage; and Owen is back on Shudder once again to watch the remastered 70’s cult classic Phantasm.

We’ll be back next week (hopefully) with another podcast of some description. Probably about Blade Runner.



Spot the odd one out. If you spot it, you get a point. If you know why it’s the odd one out, you get 2 points. They are all name anagrams.

a) Naked Borrower
b) Lank Rap Bin
c) Nobly Tack

a) Wet Math Van Hug
b) Guy Itchier
c) In Vec Hav Gun

a) Preteen Sir
b) Dry Voices
c) Panache moment

a) Asia Flub Hoe
b) Invader Gross Run
c) Men Am Thin

a) Tarhut C Rackle
b) Liphip K Kid-c
c) Ego Reg W Hubs

Q1 Answer
A – Andrew Brooker, he’s the odd one out because b) Brian Plank and c) Tony Black were both meant to be on this episode, and Brooker wasn’t, despite Steve emailing him the agenda before we recorded.

Q2 Answer
B – Guy Ritchie, both Matthew Vaughn and Vince Vaughn have the same surname.

Q3 Answer
C – Phantom Menace is a Star Wars film, whereas a) (Enterprise) and b) (Discovery) are Star Trek series.

Q4 Answer
C – Tim Henman is a real tennis player, where as b) is Sverrir Gudnason, and a) is Shia LaBeouf, both of whom star in Borg McEnroe.

Q5 Answer
C – George W Bush, he’s a former president, whereas a) Arthur C Clarke and b) Philip K Dick are sci-fi writers.

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