Field and Mullinger’s Underground Nights: Rom com ramble

After a winter hiatus, James and Paul are back with a new episode of Underground Nights.

In this episode, the pair take a look at James’s secret passion that he’s finally telling the world about: romcoms. The boys count down their top five in the genre, offer an early sneak peak review of the new Mark Murphy comedy, For Love or Money, and Paul forces more recommendations on his co-host.

There’s even time for James to review new release, Love, Simon, and they are still banging on about why Oscar films are boring. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show, leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, and for UK audiences, check out Mullinger’s live stand up special for free on Amazon Prime, Anything is Possible.

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One thought on “Field and Mullinger’s Underground Nights: Rom com ramble”

  1. Reblogged this on TeamIvanKaye and commented:
    This is a podcast review containing an enthusiastic description of Ivan’s upcoming comedy movie ‘For Love or Money: An Unromantic Comedy’ and especially of Ivan’s amazing performance as Patrick, the father of the female lead: “Ivan Kaye…was ABSOLUTELY brilliant…Every line that came out of his mouth was genius.” Yes, there is more!

    Go to 38:30 to listen to the full movie review (5 minutes) or to 43:31 for their praise of Ivan’s achievement!

    Nothing we didn’t expect, of course. 😉 Ivan is superb at whatever he does. But it’s always nice to hear it. 🙂

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