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Failed Critics spawned plenty of sister podcasts, including starting out as the home of Character Unlock, our first spin-off show focussed entirely on video games, before publishing its final ever episode in 2021.

Each episode adopted the familiar structure of a regular Failed Critics podcast, including news, reviews and a special feature. Instead of chatting movies, hosts Andrew Brooker and John Miller ran through developments in the video game industry, gave the lowdown on what they’d been playing, and interviewed some interesting people from within the gaming world.

Created and hosted by Andrew Brooker and John Miller

Music provided with permission by Gavin Dunne of ‘Miracle of Sound’, from the track ‘A Dog’s Life’

Graphics by Andrew Alcock

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ANDREW BROOKER wishes desperately that he could be a writer. Spending more time than is healthy watching awful films and scribbling nonsensical, vitriolic reviews about them for Failed Critics and appearing on the podcast – often finding it almost impossible to string a sentence together without certain “C” words appearing – it seemed only fitting to drop him into his own show away from everybody else.

A part-time video game QA tester and even more irregular video game player who grew up with a Spectrum 128k and spent the next *cough* mhmhmh *couch* years collecting consoles, Brooker has aspirations of one day having a negative opinion on absolutely everything and for it to be written down and recorded somewhere for all time.

JOHN MILLER used to be cursed to work in the same office as Brooker. After thinking he’d finally gotten away from his foul language, his insults and… his foul language, the gamer of close-to twenty years was dragged kicking and screaming onto Character Unlock.

A veteran of every iteration of FIFA, Madden and Football Manager to make an appearance since he was big enough to hold a controller or use a keyboard, John is the perfect balance for a podcast that would otherwise be 100% anti-sport.

Try out the first ever episode of Character Unlock below as Brooker and John answer your questions sent in via Twitter and Facebook, plus everything you need to know about EGX 2016, and an interview with games writer turned developer, Kevin Van Ord:


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