If there’s one thing we loved more than spending a couple of hours in a darkened cinema, it was spending days in a cinema watching loads of films with barely a break to pop to the concession stand to buy a comically over-sized box of popcorn.

Failed Critics covered the following festivals during its eight-year run:

36th Cambridge Film Festival 2016 – 20-27 October 2016
The UK’s longest running film festival came back for another year – and so too did we, with Owen, Liam and Andy recording a special podcast that rounds up a few of the independent world cinema that the festival is known for.

BFI London Film Festival 20165-16 October 2016
Returning to Failed Critics with a fresh Press Pass, Callum Petch took in the 2016 edition of the BFI London Film Festival. Making up for skipping 2015, we featured reviews and thought pieces for every day of the event, as well as a special LFF 2016 podcast.

Vancouver International Film Festival 201629 September – 14 October 2016
Our Vancouver-based writer, Nicholas Lay (of In Layman’s Terms), found himself in the midst of that year’s International Film Festival. Here, he rounds up seven of the more intriguing pictures featured in 2016.

FrightFest 201625-29 August 2016
Chief writer Andrew Brooker took himself off to London to see how the horror channel got on hosting the largest genre film festival in the UK. There were a few hidden gems uncovered as he documented his experience at the festival with a series of diary entries.

Vancouver Short Film Festival 201629-30 January 2016
Our trans-Atlantic Brit writer, Nicholas Lay, spent an evening watching two shorts for the ‘Dark Deeds’ segment of the festival, showcasing both rising and established filmmaking talent within the great province of British Columbia, Canada.

35th Cambridge Film Festival 20153-13 September 2015
With 155 films shown across 11 days, the third longest running UK film festival opened its doors to Failed Critics. From European dramas that made their debut in Un Certain Regard at Cannes, to exciting UK and world premieres, there was plenty to take in.

FrightFest 201527-31 August 2015
Mike Shawcross was back to take in the UK’s biggest horror film festival with a preview piece published shortly before the festival began to a thorough round-up on the Failed Critics Podcast.

Celluloid Screams 201424-26 October 2014
Celluloid Screams: Sheffield Horror Film Festival returns to the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield this October for three days of the best in classic and contemporary horror cinema. Mike Shawcross will be there to capture it all!

BFI London Film Festival 20148-19 October 2014
Failed Critics covered as much of the 58th London Film Festival as was humanly possible for us to do. From a preview piece written by our very own Londoner, Carole Petts, to diary entry roundups of what had been seen, and even a podcast review.

FrightFest 2014 – 21-25 August 2014
Horror fanatic Mike Shawcross takes in all things FrightFest from previews to reviews and even interviews with Scream Queen Jessica Cameron and actor Ryan Kiser. Whether it was the latest from Robert Rodriguez, or a new Scandinavian Nazi-zombie movie, if it was shown at FrightFest then it was covered it here in one form or another.

Glasgow Film Festival 201420 February – 2 March 2014
Returning to the GFF and to our Glasgow residency, the brilliant Brewdog Glasgow. Even bigger than in 2013, the festival gave the team a chance to see the likes of The Double, Calvary and Zero Theorem. As well as that, we were joined by our special guests, the comedy troupe Pappy’s.

BFI London Film Festival 20139-20 October 2013
The 2013 edition of the annual London Film Festival saw Failed Critics covering films from Parkland to The Grandmaster, from 12 Years A Slave to Gravity.

Glasgow Film Festival 201314-24 February 2013
The ninth edition of one of the most eclectic and innovative film festivals in the UK. Boasting over 360 events in a variety of venues across the city, and the UK premieres of Stoker, Cloud Atlas, and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. We would like to thank Brewdog Glasgow for sponsoring our festival coverage.

UK Festival of Zombie Culture17 November 2012
The sixth instalment of the UK’s premier festival celebrating zombie films, and all things undead. Hosted at Phoenix Arts, Leicester.

Bowiefest1-3 September 2012
Hosted at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, Bowiefest was the world’s first festival devoted to the film work of rock chameleon David Bowie.

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