Before ceasing publication in 2019, the Failed Critics also published many written movie reviews for new releases and old favourites. We covered everything from big blockbusters like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, to exquisite family movies like Moana; from re-mastered classics of cinema like 1939’s poetic realism film Le jour se lève, to old favourite ‘adultimation‘ movies like Ghost In The Shell;  from the latest comic-book blockbuster releases like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, to “willy-wobbling” terror in b-movie horrors like The Den; from award-nominated documentaries like Next Goal Wins, to… oh, you get the idea.

There’s a list of all of our frequent authors on the Meet the Critics page but we regularly published reviews and opinion pieces from guest writers too. All unpaid of course! We’re not endorsed nor funded by anybody to put these reviews out there. They’re impartial, non-biased and advert free*.

You can find a list of all the reviews we’ve published here.

*Occasionally we get free press screenings, preview DVD or Blu-Ray releases. We remain as impartial as possible when reviewing these and all articles are entirely the words, thoughts and opinions of the author. We were never asked to – nor would we have agreed to – publish any review in either written, podcast or radio format with any particular bias one way or another.

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