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202nd Episode Extravaganza (sort of)

New Logo

Listeners to the podcast may have picked up recently that we have already zoomed past episode number 200 with little to no fanfare.


Shambolic as ever, we intend to do something slightly new and exciting for our 202nd episode. Something… different… to episode 150, with Steve Norman, Owen Hughes, Andrew Brooker and Paul Field, which went on for over five gruelling hours.

We thought we’d spare you (and ourselves) a repeat of that torturous – although admittedly fun to record – night of drinking, triple-triple bills and losing the will to live. Instead, today we are live streaming our 202nd episode via our YouTube channel and we want you to get involved.

Send us questions, shout (well, write) profanities at us or simply watch along without arousing suspicion. The choice is yours! But we kinda hope you’ll choose to ask us stuff. The only thing that will make this worth doing is your interaction.

Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook to receive a link to the live broadcast shortly before it happens, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

See you later!