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Character Unlock: Boots on the Ground – A Telltale Series

Welcome to another episode of Character Unlock, the video game-centric (but equally shambolic) Failed Critics sister podcast. In our 17th episode, usual host Andrew Brooker has stepped aside to let his partner in crime John Miller take the reigns, guiding us through the news from the past couple of weeks and keeping things on track as the guys share their last couple of weeks of gaming.

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Character Unlock: A Bitter (Virtual) Reality


It’s Valentine’s Day!

OK, it was Valentine’s day when we recorded…

What better way to spend your time than with the consoles that you love so much and the games that make you feel good about yourself? How about spending a couple of hours talking about those things with your mates? Welcome to this week’s Character Unlock podcast.

Fresh off the back of the last jam packed episode, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker spend a bit of time digging into the news from the last week or so. From Call of Duty going back to its roots and what that might mean for the series, to the insanity that is selling public access tickets for E3; the lads kill a bit of time wondering about the point of it all before heading to a marathon session talking about the games they’ve been playing.

As John continues his mission to finish the Mass Effect series for the 132nd time in preparation for the new game, Brooker has to justify spending a small fortune on a PlayStation VR completely on a whim by playing almost everything made for the thing in a very short space of time. What was worth playing? What made him so sick that it completely ruined his day? All that and more as a featureless episode ends with the guys talking nonsense for more than may be healthy as the bitter pair let everything off their chest.

Come back and join us for more of the same in the next episode in a couple of weeks. If you want more from us in the mean time, come find us on Twitter, on Facebook, and guesting on the recent Resident Evil based Failed Critics film podcast.

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Character Unlock: Recipe for Good COD – Part 2


Our health is regenerated and our load outs reset – that must mean that your Character Unlock hosts are back and ready for more Call of Duty shenanigans.

John and Brooker return to finish off their retrospective of the legendary shooter series that may, or may not, be on the downward spiral for this half of the franchise’s history before digging into Infinite Warfare, the latest instalment to divide the community.

The lads talk all things story, before touching on the game’s multiplayer and, with the help of their audience, finally musing on what Call of a Duty need to do to keep its status as the granddaddy of all shooters going forward.

Recommendations for the week and community shoutouts round of this marathon two-parter that all but killed its hosts.

Join us next week for a quieter, more ninja Lila instalment as the boys talk stealth games in honour of the recently released Dishonoured 2.



Character Unlock: Recipe for Good COD – Part 1


As the annual season of game release insanity comes to a head this week with the release of the latest instalment in Activision’s behemoth shooter franchise, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it seems only fitting to spend some time talking about the series that has revolutionised the gaming industry time and time again.

Hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker dive into this almighty series, they are offered a momentary distraction as they find some time to talk about that one day a year that gets RPG fans salivating, November 7th, more affectionately called “N7 Day” in those parts of the Internet that only some dare enter.

As John picks apart the news on the latest Mass Effect, Brooker’s eyes glaze over, barely understanding a word and just nodding politely before the pair sink their teeth into the meat of this episode.

Digging into the early games in the Call of Duty franchise and ploughing through to arguably the games that changed the world, the lads call it a day somewhere around game six and find cover to let their health recover. Join them for part two of this mammoth undertaking next week.