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Failed Critics Podcast: An Advert!

Never actually listened to our podcast?

Only ever read our articles on the website?

Then why not try giving the following 60 second clip promoting our podcast a quick listen as we attempt to “string a few sentences together”!

Each week on the Failed Critics Podcast, the team review the latest cinema release, talk about what else they’ve seen in the past seven days and discuss the latest news from the film world (if it happens to have crossed their Twitter feeds prior to recording). Occasionally the team will also produce a themed Triple Bill, choosing three films each that fit a particular category.

If you want in depth reviews of the key components that make an individual movie good or bad, then you’re looking in the wrong place. If you want to listen to a group of people chat about film and be occasionally humorous with it, then that’s us.

In the meantime, if you’re new to the Failed Critics podcast and want to listen to more, but aren’t sure where to join in from, then the latest episode is always the best. We hardly ever have in-jokes or call backs to podcasts older than maybe one or two weeks, so hopefully you won’t feel left out!

The Failed Critics Podcast was created by James Diamond. It’s produced by Owen Hughes and presented by Steve Norman. Including (but not limited to) contributions by: Gerry McAuley, Carole Petts, Matt Lambourne, Callum Petch, Andrew Brooker, Mike Shawcross, Paul Field and James Diamond.

All music by Kevin MacLeod of http://incompetech.com (remixed by James Yuill from episode 150 onwards)

Website: https://failedcritics.com/
Acast podcast page: http://acast.com/failedcritics/
RSS Feed: http://rss.acast.com/failedcritics (copy into your podcast management software or RSS reader)

You can also find us on Twitter (@FailedCritics) and Facebook (/failedcritics). Or email us at failedcritics@gmail.com


Failed Critics Podcast: Child Performances Triple Bill


They’re heeeerrrrreeeee….

And by ‘they’, we of course mean ‘we’. We’re here to host another triple bill edition of the Failed Critics Podcast!

This week, Mike Shawcross and Matt Lambourne step into the fold along with regulars Steve Norman and Owen Hughes as they each pick their three favourite child performances in film. From sweary little girls, to doom-bringing seven year old boys, we’ve covered all of the best young performances that we could fit into 100 minutes of podcast.

Amongst that, we did still manage to squeeze in a quick round up of who-won-what at the Cannes Film Festival, which closed this week. In keeping with the Cannes theme, Mike even watched a film called The Beaver that was first screened at the festival a few years back, starring Mel Gibson. And, as if we’d planned it (we didn’t), Matt also watched a Mel Gibson movie as he looks back on the original 1979 Australian rampage film Mad Max. Meanwhile, Owen recounts his experience this past weekend at a Q&A with Al Pacino, whilst Steve quickly runs through 2012’s Avengers Assemble and the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Join us again next week as we look at Pacino’s latest project Danny Collins, as well as the Rock’s new disaster movie San Andreas.



P.S. If you can’t wait a whole week to hear Steve & Owen’s voices again …… check out the second ever Quizcast, this time hosted by Tony Black of Black Hole Cinema (or listen to the original Quizcast here).

Failed Critics Podcast: Mad Critics Fury Podcast

mad maxHello and welcome to another episode of the Failed Critics Podcast! Joining hosts Steve Norman and Owen Hughes this week are Andrew Brooker and Jackson Tyler, sharing their opinion on the latest installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise, as well as George Miller’s triumphant return to post-apocalyptic Australia with Mad Max: Fury Road.

Starting off the podcast as ever is our quiz – in its new revamped format! With things teetering on a knife-edge; will Steve lose and be forced to watch Kill Keith yet again; will he win and force Owen to watch Kill Keith again? Or, with a bit of luck, will the cursed video-tape that is Keith Chegwin’s magnum opus finally be passed on to somebody else so we never have to darken our DVD player with it ever again?

We also chat about the 68th Cannes (with an ‘s’) Film Festival, from the end of the McConaissance to institutional sexism. There’s even room for Owen to revisit a film talked about exactly 150 episodes ago; Jackson shares his love for Alexander Payne’s high-school political-satire Election; Steve puts his geo-gea-jolly-ologist expertise to good use when reviewing The Day After Tomorrow; and Brooker delves into the twisted mind of James Cullen Bressack with Pernicious ahead of its UK release next month.

Join us again next week for reviews of the Poltergeist remake (why?), Disney’s Tomorrowland and the latest CGI-laden disaster movie San Andreas.



Failed Critics Podcast: Spooks, Britishness & Bad Impressions

spooksWelcome to another edition of the Failed Critics Podcast where hosts Steve Norman and Owen Hughes are joined by special guest Matt Lambourne.

In this episode, the team take a look at the big screen continuation of the long running and oft heralded BBC TV series with Spooks: The Greater Good. In honour of this very British espionage thriller, we have a triple bill where our trio each pick the three films they think sums up Britishness in movies best. Don’t worry, there’s no flag waving or national anthem renditions here. Just a veritable plethora of poor attempts at cross-country accents, from Danny Dyer to non-specific American.

We also introduce a brand new potentially semi-regular section to the podcast where we finally answer the burning questions you’ve been sending in to us, such as “who would win in a fight, an astronaut or a caveman?”, “why does Owen watch 847 films a week?”, “why don’t we let that handsome chap Callum Petch on the podcast more often?” and more! Yes, more! If you’d like to ask the Failed Critics any questions, simply tweet, facebook, comment on this article or email them to us and we’ll make room for them on a future podcast.

Join us again next week as we actually get to review some films for a change with the hotly anticipated release of Mad Max: Fury Road.



Important Podcast Announcement

Hello! We have an announcement of sorts to make about changes and developments to the weekly Failed Critics Podcast.

We’ve recently (as of this morning) changed podcast host from Libsyn to Acast.What this means in terms of how you currently access the podcast, you shouldn’t actually see too much of a difference. Whether you use apps like Podcast Addict, or iTunes, or an RSS feed or by using the direct link in articles when we post new episodes; you should still be able to access the pod in all the usual ways. Well, with the exception of going via the Libsyn page, of course.

There are a couple of reasons for the change. Firstly, the not-as-good news. You might occasionally hear an advert on the podcast. Not every time, but sometimes there might be one. We have no control over what’s advertised, these are chosen by Acast. Of the pods I’ve personally listened to on Acast, it’s only been stuff like Dominos and such like! No NSFW porn sites or intrusive pop up ads or anything particularly offensive to the ears!

What this means for us is that as Acast is free to use, we’re no longer paying out of pocket to keep Libsyn going (which James was doing previously and, since his departure, I’ve been stumping up the cash for). As simple to use as the service is, they don’t do it out of the kindness of their hearts. It costs us every month, and as we don’t make any profit whatsoever from Failed Critics, it’s getting more difficult to sustain the podcast via a paid-for service when there are alternatives available. We made it to over 150 episodes without any sponsorship support, but we’ve finally bitten the bullet.

Whilst I’m not now expecting to make any money at all from FC, nor would I ever seriously consider charging people to access our content, we might see a teensy bit come back in ad revenue to cover the other ongoing costs of running the site. None of which will go direct to either Steve nor myself, but will solely be used to keep the site alive. So, apologies if you do hear an advert, but rest assured that it’s only so we can keep bringing you this weekly shambolic film nonsense. Who knows, you may even hear something slightly relevant.

Secondly, believe me, I would not be going through the hassle of moving podcast host if I didn’t think we were moving to the right hosts for us. The good news is that Acast is a much more dynamic platform for hosting podcasts. Genuinely, the site is brilliant. I didn’t realise just how fantastic it was until I started to use it earlier today to edit our recent podcast. We can insert links to articles, other podcasts, external websites and even YouTube clips! Each section / review will also now be “bookmarked” on the podcast, so if you only ever listen to the new reviews, or the news section, and hate our ‘what we’ve been watching’ bit, you can now skip to each section that you actually want to listen to incredibly easily. If we’re talking about a film and you think it’s getting a bit too spoilery for you, skip ahead to the next review. Want to re-listen to a review? Skip back. It’s simple and as long as we can be arsed to keep sorting it in the edit, you’ll be able to do it!*

An added bonus is that the upload issues we kept experiencing last year with Libsyn whereby our audio would occasionally be compressed, resulting in the odd podcast having a virtually unlistenable sound quality, should never happen again. Hooray! We have managed to fix this since around the the start of this year, but it’s always best to be on the safe side.

Hopefully all of that means that occasional advert aside, it’ll actually make our podcasts if not better in terms of content, then at the very least somewhat shinier, more innovative and – crucially – able to continue to exist.

Try the latest episode to see what we mean: http://aca.st/e2922d

As always, any feedback would be much appreciated. Just drop us a comment in the box below, send us a tweet or comment on our Facebook page.
*as long as you listen to the podcast via the acast website or the acast app, that is, available on Android or iPhone.

Failed Critics Podcast: Age of Ultron

hulkWelcome to another episode of the Failed Critics Podcast as we use our words to describe the eleventh and latest entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron! This week we also celebrate our third birthday (hip hip!)

Joining Steve and Owen for this extravaganza is the returning Carole Petts, for the first time on a proper feature podcast this year – although she has appeared on our Avengers Minisodes and reviewed Age of Ultron on the site of course! Also on this episode is Matt Lambourne, fresh from the humiliating defeat in our very own Quizcast.

We start off the podcast as always with a short quiz (shorter than last week, anyway), followed by a very special triple bill. The team were each assigned a random actor from Age of Ultron and pick the three films featuring those actors that they’d like to share. We also have the return of Spoiler Alert at the very end of the podcast. But don’t worry if you’ve not seen the film yet! We retain our usual spoiler-free review before that if you’d just like to know if the film is any good or not.

Join us again next week as we take a look at what else has managed to miraculously squeeze its way into the cinema whilst Marvel have a film out.



Failed Critics Podcast: The Failed Black Wikishuffle Hole Quizcast

Welcome to the Failed Critics podcast– or should I say, “quizcast”! For the first time in Failed Critics history, we’re teaming up with some fellow podcasters for 60 minutes of quizzing.

With our regular host Steve Norman in the quiz master’s chair, it was up to Owen Hughes and Matt Lambourne to represent Failed Critics. Up against them, from the weekly film review podcast Black Hole Cinema, was Tony Black and Matt Latham. The third and final team on the quiz (and the only non-film related podcast) was Wikishuffle, with Jack Stewart, Chris Wallace and Phil Sharman. Claims of shenanigans were respectfully kept to a minimum, although promises to rein in competitiveness were hastily abandoned during the first round.

Feel free to play along and post your score in the comments box below – or tweet it to @FailedCritics, @Wikishufflepod or @BlackHoleCinema! There’s no prizes for beating us. Only pride and dignity are at stake here.

We’ll be back to normal next week with our Avengers: Age of Ultron podcast. Until then why not catch up with our special Avengers Minisode previews for Marvel’s next big blockbuster?



Failed Critics Podcast – COP: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van DammeWelcome to the latest episode of the Failed Critics Corridor of Praise podcast. Originally, the CoP was set up to honour the work of icons and legends of the film world who have been overlooked by the academy and other major award ceremonies. Therefore, our sixth inductee – and long overdue as it may be – is the Muscles from Brussels himself, Mr Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg; otherwise known to you and me as Jean-Claude Van Damme!

A professional karate and kickboxing champion in his youth, including being named a former Mr Belgium, JCVD moved to America in 1982 with dreams of making it as an action film star. After a succession of minor roles as an extra, including a credited role as ‘Gay Karate Man’ in Monaco Fever, his first big break came in 1986 playing the leg splitting, spinning heel kicking ‘Ivan the Russian’ in Karate Kid knock-off No Retreat, No Surrender. This was eventually followed by two of his most successful box office hits (and frequently named as fan favourites of course) in 1988’s Bloodsport and 1989’s Kickboxer.

Achieving his dream of becoming one of the most globally well known action film stars of his time during the early to mid 90’s, a series of personal problems thereafter resulted in the slow decline of his box office pull. Nevertheless, after starring in over 45 feature films as varied as DreamWorks animation Kung Fu Panda 2 and futuristic Albert Pyun b-movie Cyborg, we still love him and as such are honouring the good man with his induction to our illustrious Corridor of Praise. To help Steve and Owen immortalise the greatest living Belgian, beaming in all the way from Norway are self-confessed Van Damme-nuts Hollie and Richard Trondsen.

Join us again next week as we have an exciting crossover podcast with our friends at Black Hole Cinema and Wikishuffle.



Failed Critics Podcast: Furious 7, John Wick and Occasionally Jokes

john wicikWelcome to this week’s Failed Critics podcast! Back down to our normal run time of just over an hour you’ll be glad to hear after our mammoth 150th episode podcast last week.

Regulars Steve Norman and Owen Hughes are joined by Callum Petch and making his debut on one of our proper podcasts, the equivalent of us bringing in Jason Statham to our franchise I’m sure you’ll all agree, is Jackson Tyler.

On that topic, the team review new releases including the box office juggernaut Fast & Furious 7 (or Furious 7, or whatever you want to call it), revenge thriller John Wick, teen comedy The DUFF and the latest from Noah Baumbach, While We’re Young.

There’s also time to discuss the latest news which is, erm, well, there wasn’t really any. We also take a look back at the classic Jim Henson fantasy movie The Dark Crystal; Callum shares his LCD Soundsystem love with documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits; Jackson revisits the Tenacious D movie The Pick of Destiny; whilst Steve continues with his foray through the Harry Potter series.

Join us next week as we finally get around to inducting Jean-Claude Van Damme into our illustrious Corridor of Praise!



Failed Critics Podcast: Episode 150 And As Shambolic As Ever

Hello and welcome to the 150th episode of the Failed Critics podcast! It seems almost unbelievable that we’ve made it this far, but somehow we have. Both Steve and Owen would like to extend their thanks to each of you who have ever downloaded our podcast and are eternally grateful for your support.

To celebrate reaching this milestone, we’ve got a new logo, a new theme tune and as a one off treat, we’ve got an extra long triple-triple bill podcast to share with you. And believe me when I say that it’s an extra long episode. Almost five hours long, to be precise.

We kick off the podcast with this fantastic new opening theme tune! It should sound familiar as the exceptionally talented James Yuill (whose albums you should go out and buy right now!) has remixed our old theme – and we’re so excited to share it with you!

We then head into a bumper edition of the quiz that’s as traditionally shambolic as ever, swiftly followed by our Secret Bad Santa section. Which films have Steve, Owen, Paul, Brooker and Matt anonymously sent each other to watch? All will be revealed…

To top it off, we have three triple bills. The first triple bill sees each of the team pick their three favourite films. The second triple bill is based on suggestions we received from you, the listeners! And our final triple bill which we just about managed to stay awake and sober (enough) for sees the team introduce us to their “wild card” triple bill; three films that fit into any personally chosen theme.

We will be back next week with a regular podcast and back down to our normal run time of approximately 60-90 minutes. Until then, this five hour podcast should keep you going… Until then, thanks for listening and hopefully we’ll see you in another 150 podcasts time.



Failed Critics Podcast 150 Episode Preview

Yes, this is all a bit strange, isn’t it? Sending out a notice about a podcast that we haven’t even recorded yet, let alone published. Nevertheless, it’s something we’re quite excited to tell you about!

The beginning of April 2015 sees our shambolic weekly film podcast reach a huge milestone. After three years of getting together for an hour or two every week, nattering on about films and such, occasionally libelling celebrities or annoying each other, we’ve actually managed to reach one hundred and fifty episodes! That’s probably around 250+ hours since we first got together back in April 2012 to review Cabin In The Woods. A lot has changed since then. Our logo, the format of the podcast, even the members of the team. It’s expanded in number from just Steve, Gerry and James to the bloated mess you know us as today.

We’re very proud of this (perhaps not the bloated mess comment) and as a special treat, we’ve created this short 48 second long preview clip and uploaded it to this new website you might not have heard of called YouTube? It features Steve, Owen, Matt, Paul and Brooker who will all be appearing on our 150th episode.

We’ve got an epic quiz (for us, anyway), a slight variation on our usual “what we’ve been watching” section, which is basically us anonymously picking films for each other to watch (with sexy results?) and capping it off with a triple-triple bill. The team will each be picking their three favourite films in the opening triple bill, followed by three films that fit a “listener suggested” triple bill and a final wild card triple bill, where the Failed Critics can each pick whatever three films for whatever category they like.

Don’t forget to check back at the end of the week to download our podcast.


Failed Critics Podcast: Here Comes The Summer

jurassic worldWelcome to this week’s Failed Critics Podcast with Steve Norman once again returning to hosting duties. He’s joined as ever by Owen Hughes, with guests Callum Petch and Mike Shawcross.

Unlike the British summer time, we’re bringing you a podcast that seems to go on forever as the team not only review new releases Princess Kaguya, Spongebob Squarepants: A Sponge Out of Water, The Gunman, The Voices AND Divergent Series: Insurgent (or Divergent 2) (or Divergent: Insurgent) (…or just Insurgent…) but also look ahead to those due for release between June and September with a summer 2015 preview triple bill.

Join us again next as we reach our 150th episode!



Failed Critics Podcast: Fist-Fights Triple Bill

runallnightFor the first time ever (we think) there’s no Steve Norman on this week’s Failed Critics podcast as he’s still recovering from the pummeling he took at a recent charity boxing match. Rumours that it was Owen who sparked him out after a fracas over a cold dinner have neither been confirmed nor denied. Internal investigations are still ongoing.

Instead, taking over the hosting duties for one week only is Matt Lambourne, who is joined by Owen Hughes and Andrew Brooker as they each pick their favourite three fist-fights in films in honour of their absent colleague’s exploits.

Before that, the trio also get around to discussing the news this past week that Bill & Ted 3 is closer than ever; they take a look at the first teaser poster for the new James Bond film SPECTRE; as well as mulling over both the latest Statham film Wild Card and the latest Neeson film Run All Night. Matt even manages to finally get the opportunity to talk about 90’s sci-fi thriller Eve Of Destruction in all its robot penis-munching glory.

Join us again next week as we’ll be looking ahead to this summer’s blockbuster season.