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Front Row With Owen and Paul: Get Paul Weller

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Just one day after broadcast on Bucks101 radio, Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland are back with the latest bitesize podcast edition of their show.

This week, Paul is suffering from some serious, heavy studying over the weekend. After being up all night drinking Lemsip and popping paracetamol like Smarties, he was just about able to crawl into the studio to play through some tracks and round-up the week in sport.

Meanwhile, Owen reviews another documentary in the Movie Review section, albeit one that’s slightly lighter in tone than last week’s My Nazi Legacy. Following its screening through BBC’s Storyville series, Owen discusses The Great Gangster Film Fraud – still available to watch the iPlayer – leading to a conversation about the merits of Storyville in general.

The die is cast again at the end of the show, rolling on the number one, prompting a chat about the very broad topic of ‘television’. Top Gear’s new host and Jeremy Clarkson’s obnoxiousness, as well as the ensuing battle between streaming and traditional TV, are all squeezed into the final section of the show.

You can join Owen and Paul again for the live Bucks101 broadcast of Front Row on Thursdays at 6pm. Until then, enjoy the podcast!


  1. The Velvet Underground – What Goes On? (Owen)
  2. Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Paul)
  3. Pere Ubu – Heart of Darkness (Owen)
  4. Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock (Paul)
  5. The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner (Owen)
  6. Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Paul)
  7. Paul Simon – I Know What I Know (Owen)
  8. Bryan Adams – Can’t Stop This Thing We Started (Paul)

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Episode 1

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Welcome to the first ever episode of Front Row with Owen and Paul!

The podcast is a bite-size edition of their radio show, originally produced for Bucks101 Radio on Thursdays at 6pm. If you miss the live stream of the show, then you’ll be able to catch up on all of the movie reviews, sports round-up and general shenanigans that hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland got up to. As Paul describes, it’s not that we make it up as we go along, but as we go along, we make it up.

Unfortunately, the podcasts will not feature the music that’s played on the radio show – to hear that, you’ll need to make sure you tune in live every Thursday. But we’ll try to make up for that with a bit of extra chat on the podcast that you won’t get on the radio show. Alternatively of course, you can use the YouTube links below to listen to the songs at your own leisure!


  1. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising (Paul)
  2. Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave (Owen)
  3. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (Paul)
  4. James Yuill – Turn Yourself Around (Owen)
  5. Invictus Soundtrack – 9,000 Days by Overtone with Yollandi Nortjie (Paul)
  6. John Grant – Black Belt (Owen)
  7. Toseland – Renegade (Paul)
  8. The Clash – Stay Free (Owen)

Right-click and choose ‘save as’ to download the podcast as an mp3