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Field & Mullinger’s Underground Nights: Episode One – Fred’s Pocket


Welcome to the premiere episode of Field & Mullinger’s Underground Nights, where we’ll be tickling the underbelly of cinema, from Troma & Astron 6 to the much maligned British gangster flick and everything in between. Your hosts James Mullinger and Paul Field kick off with a Canadian Special (not a euphemism) where we discuss our favourite Canadian movies.


James tells us why he loves Lost After Dark and explains why he is still buying VHS, whilst Paul shows a lot of love for The Soska Sisters (come on, we all love a Dead Hooker In A Trunk…)

We go balls deep into WolfCop as we’re joined by the director Lowell Dean who shares his passion for Canadian cinema and offers a veritable feast of WolfCop news & insight – including some exclusive WolfCop 2 news!

There’s even time to finish up with a new release review, where we look at the controversial LOVE 3D from notorious French auteur Gaspar Noé. Obviously that flies off at a tangent so acute we end up on a jolly jape concerning Fred and the stash of gentleman’s journals in his pocket.

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