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Failed Critics Podcast: Get In!

Listen. Focus on the rain. Can you hear it? Find the rain. Now, once you’ve found it… sink into the pod!

Yes, this week’s main review on the Failed Critics Podcast is the chilling black comedy/horror/psychological thriller, Get Out. Let Steve Norman, Owen Hughes and Tony Black lull you into a false sense of security and then fill your head with nonsense for the following 60 minutes.

Things temporarily go all weird on the latest episode as the team try to have a somewhat sensible conversation about the representation of black characters in mainstream media following Thandie Newton’s recent comments.

However, the regular What We’ve Been Watching section soon brings a sense of normality to proceedings as reviews of Simon Amstell’s mockumentary, Carnage, friend of the podcast Jonathan Sothcott’s We Still Kill The Old Way, our fifth best film of last year Green Room, and rebooted comedy Ghostbusters all feature.

Join us again next week for a mighty morphin’ good time.



Failed Critics Podcast: Nice Matte

green room

Hello listeners, what’s your boggle? We wouldn’t normally try to conjure up the image of a painted wall with the episode title, but we were somewhat shambolic this week, even by our own standards. With host Steve Norman suffering from agonising tooth ache during much of the recording, Owen Hughes and guests Andrew Brooker and Tony Black ran amok.

A new round of the quiz kicked the show off, pitting Steve against Brooker and Tony, with Owen in the quizmaster’s chair, before the group discussed the potential Fantastic Four sequel and latest Assassins Creed trailer. As ever, What We’ve Been Watching followed, as Owen revisited 90’s classic Demolition Man, Brooker spread the love for recently cancelled sitcom Undateable, and Tony returned to Superman.. er… Returns.

Only two new releases made their way onto the podcast. Brutal thriller Green Room was the main feature, but as penance for not seeing anything at all in the last seven days, Steve still attempted to review The Angry Birds Movie without having watched a single second of it. Luckily Brooker had seen it and was able to clarify a few minor points!

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: No Pips Apocalypse

Front Row Logo

Better late than never, it’s this week’s episode of Front Row, with hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland. Running slightly overtime on Tuesday’s 5pm Bucks101 Radio broadcast, the podcast chunk of the show is also somewhat longer than usual – but still of the same quality.

Whether that quality is “good” or “bad” is for you to decide. If you’re leaning more towards the former than the latter, then we would really appreciate a quick vote in this years Best UK Podcast Award with New Media Europe over on Facebook! A quick click is all it takes to help us get closer to our first proper award nomination. Thanks!

On the show this week, Owen reviews the (soon-to-be-released but is-now-released) Green Room, whilst Paul runs through the week in sport including the top and the bottom of the Premier League, whether strikers should be judged on the goals they score or their performance, Andy Murray’s coach troubles and the Sri Lanka test match. The dice roll this week gave the pair a chance to chat about what’s been in news recently, specifically the London mayor election results.

The theme for the music on the live radio show saw the duo choosing a song for each letter of their name, so either click the link through to the YouTube playlist to listen to their selected tracks, or click each individual song below if you fancy just picking and choosing yourself!


  1. Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train (Owen)
  2. Weezer – The Good Life (Owen)
  3. Echo and the Bunnymen – Heads Will Roll (Owen)
  4. New Order – 1963 (Owen)
  5. Pentatonix – Evolution of Music (Paul)
  6. Alanis Morissette – Ironic (Paul)
  7. U2 – Beautiful Day (Paul)
  8. Lawson – Roads (Paul)

Right click to download the episode as an mp3

Green Room

Green Room

“Blades and fangs for the visitors.”

Ladies, gentlemen, I’ve just seen a nasty, nasty little film. A film that has been called a horror, but isn’t really. One of those tense, violent little movies that no one really knows how to classify but because it’s all blood, gore and suspense, we’ll call it a horror. A film that does interesting and gruesome things with Stanley knives and Nazis that’ll leave you flinching and grossed out.

Ladies, gentlemen, I’ve just seen a fucking brilliant little film.

Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier (previously responsible for writing and directing 2013’s Blue Ruin), Green Room pits a rock band touring the Pacific Northwest against a group of bloodthirsty skinheads who own the club they have ended up in.

When band “The Ain’t Rights” find themselves in desperate need of a place to perform, they are set up with a well paying gig at a clubhouse in Oregon; a real “boots and braces” kind of place. Being a punk band, the group are used to a few seig heil-ers in their audience and don’t really pay it much attention until things go south, quickly and horribly. When the band – that includes Star Trek‘s Anton Yelchin reuniting with his Fright Night co-star Imogen Poots – stumbles upon a fresh murder, the skinheads in charge take steps to neutralise the people that are about to bring the police down on them.

Locking themselves in the venue’s green room – both “venue” and “green room” are said with a massive pinch of salt; a giant fucking shed covered in swastikas, rebel flags and SS emblems pretty much has a sign over the door that says “super duper Nazi human slaughter house” – the band has to fight their way through psychos with massive knives and some very angry dogs in an attempt to get their stupid selves out safely.

Green Room is a simple little film. There’s no convoluted or confusing story; five guys on one side of a door trying to get out, a ton of bloodthirsty Nazis on the other side trying to get in and somewhere in the middle, there is going to be a shit load of blood. Nasty, ingenious, wince inducing things happen with box cutters and machetes on both sides of that door as the band’s limits, and their bodies, are tested and tested again by the maniacal horde waiting outside for them.

Running the show on the saluting side of the door, is a terrifyingly cold and nasty Patrick Stewart. Light years from the Picards and Professor X’s we have gotten used to over the years, Mr Stewart has sunk his teeth deep into this role and is swinging for the fences. Think Stacey Keach’s Cameron Alexander from American History X but much, much worse. He’s a horrible man with not a nice bone in his body; he oozes evil in every frame and has turned himself into a genuinely terrifying force to be reckoned with. Each and every skinhead looks like he’s terrified of this guy too, it’s an amazingly impressive role for the Shakespearean actor. You almost want to cheer him on and see him win the day, not least of all because the band are a bunch of idiotic, unlikable twat flaps that you really kind of want to see horrible things happen to.

There’s not much else to say about this excellent little flick. Its story is tense and unnerving; its direction and cinematography are terrifyingly claustrophobic; and the acting is absolutely stunning. Its violence is nasty and unforgiving but even its worst parts don’t feel gratuitous. A great, great little film that left me shaken and shell-shocked as it ran its course. I can’t recommend it enough. I can’t wait for the general release so I can go watch it again.