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Failed Critics Podcast: Zootopiatropolisplace


This week’s episode of the Failed Critics Podcast features Callum Petch, returning for the first time in 2016, to join both Steve Norman and Owen Hughes for four new-release reviews.

With the latest entry in the Divergent Series franchise, it seemed almost impossible to record a show without Callum’s input on Allegiant – particularly after his last appearance on the pod the week after the previous instalment, Insurgent, came out! Continuing to play to Callum’s strengths this week, there are two new animated movies out. As if it wasn’t already well set up for him with a new Dreamworks Animation out, Kung Fu Panda 3, there’s also a new Disney film (Zootopia / Zootropolis / whichever it is wherever you’re from) which has already set the standard by which to judge all other movies this year – or, at least, that’s what Callum says.

As well as this, Steve and Callum have a chat about 2008’s monster-movie Cloverfield ahead of the upcoming 10 Cloverfield Lane, whilst Owen reminisces about the 90’s and watching cult comedy Beavis & Butt-Head Do America. In the news this week, we also take a look at the Indiana Jones 5 announcement, Han Solo casting news and the furore over Spider-Man’s cameo in the Civil War trailer.

Join us again next week for our 202nd episode. Yep. We’ve recorded 201 of these things so far. It’s as astonishing to us as I’m sure it is to you too.



Front Row with Owen and Paul: Bostin’

Front Row Logo

In the penultimate podcast episode of Front Row, Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland cover all of the usual stuff from what is their final radio broadcast of this academic term for Bucks101 Radio.

The podcast has almost everything from the show, including Owen’s review of the Coen Brothers comedy-drama Hail, Ceasar!, Paul’s sports news (including more Russian doping antics) and even squeeze in a chat about the Sunday working hours law. It’s a proper bostin’ episode this week full of mad oi oi banter… ahem…

We’ll be back again next week for the final podcast episode, but there’ll be no live broadcast on Bucks101. Below are the final tracks we’ve played in this series of Front Row! Check out the full playlist of all the songs played in the entire 7 episodes via YouTube.


  1. Fat Boy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Paul)
  2. Foo Fighters – Disenchanted Lullaby (Owen)
  3. Eliza & The Bear – Friends (Paul)
  4. Peter, Bjorn & John – It Don’t Move Me (Owen)
  5. Hozier – Take Me To Church (Paul)
  6. The Vines – Outtathaway (Owen)
  7. Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks (Paul)
  8. REM – Fall On Me (Owen)

Right click and choose ‘save as’ to download the podcast as an MP3