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Failed Critics Podcast: A Place Of Learning

D4D_1901.DNGSteve Norman? Here. Owen Hughes? Here. Callum Petch? Here.

Now that the register has been taken, the latest Failed Critics Podcast may commence. Please take your seats, spit your chewing gum in the bin and we’ll start this week’s quiz and hear Owen’s reaction to Steve’s choice of film for winning last week with the sports documentary Next Goal Wins. We also have a triple bill where the team each pick three films set in a place of learning – and that’s all the criteria they were given! It really is as broad as that. Good? Bad? Overrated? Underrated? Obscure? Well known? You’ll have to listen to find out what they pick.

We also have reviews of new releases Trainwreck (reviewed by Brooker on the website), The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (er, also reviewed by Brooker) and Pixels. I say “review” of Pixels, but it was more like an uncontrollable rant by Callum.

Join us next week for the next entry to our Corridor of Praise, the inevitable induction of Danny Dyer! Where we’ll be joined by Paul Field and one or two special guests… Class dismissed.