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Character Unlock: Mass Affection

Welcome to the latest Character Unlock episode: Our Mass Effect love-in. First, an apology or two.

We are very sorry for the quality of the recording this week. Whilst it isn’t as bad as it has been in the past, there are sections that fall far below the lofty standards we hold ourselves to. Secondly (and not completely unrelated) we are sorry about the delay in getting the latest episode to you. Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong this week and tech issues before, during and after recording have been trying very hard to put a stop to our shenanigans.

But anyway, we are here and the show must go on…

Back 2007, Mass Effect landed on our consoles – the RPG franchise that some call the greatest in video game history.

Now 10 years later, the fourth instalment, Andromeda, has hit the shelves. In true Character Unlock fashion, the guys are going over a history of the space RPG and what made them love it… except for regular host Andrew Brooker, who we may or may not have tied up somewhere so to not ruin the Mass Effect fanboy fest.

Joining Commander and host, John Miller, are Lieutenant Lee Loverage and C-Sec officer Brian Plank. Together they prevent an invasion of rogue AI units, embark on a suicide mission to the galactic core and save the galaxy from genocide, all while punching journalists in the face, falling in love with aliens and making sure they “hold the line.”

Many questions are raised; some of them are even answered. Decisions are discussed, disputed and the team mourn the loss of companions, but it had to be us, someone else might have gotten it wrong.

Join us next time for your regular episode where Brooker retakes the helm and John may even spoil you with more tales from Andromeda.