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Character Unlock: Pre-E3 2017

It’s almost here! E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the start of the next 12 months of marketing is finally upon us for 2017.

Hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker will be spending a couple of hours talking all things E3, just like every other video game podcast, website, foghorn, whatever, right now. They cover everything in this preview episode, including what they would like to see at each show, the rituals they might or might not do every year for E3 and even throwing a few far out ideas that could (but absolutely won’t ever) happen.

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Failed Critics Podcast 150 Episode Preview

Yes, this is all a bit strange, isn’t it? Sending out a notice about a podcast that we haven’t even recorded yet, let alone published. Nevertheless, it’s something we’re quite excited to tell you about!

The beginning of April 2015 sees our shambolic weekly film podcast reach a huge milestone. After three years of getting together for an hour or two every week, nattering on about films and such, occasionally libelling celebrities or annoying each other, we’ve actually managed to reach one hundred and fifty episodes! That’s probably around 250+ hours since we first got together back in April 2012 to review Cabin In The Woods. A lot has changed since then. Our logo, the format of the podcast, even the members of the team. It’s expanded in number from just Steve, Gerry and James to the bloated mess you know us as today.

We’re very proud of this (perhaps not the bloated mess comment) and as a special treat, we’ve created this short 48 second long preview clip and uploaded it to this new website you might not have heard of called YouTube? It features Steve, Owen, Matt, Paul and Brooker who will all be appearing on our 150th episode.

We’ve got an epic quiz (for us, anyway), a slight variation on our usual “what we’ve been watching” section, which is basically us anonymously picking films for each other to watch (with sexy results?) and capping it off with a triple-triple bill. The team will each be picking their three favourite films in the opening triple bill, followed by three films that fit a “listener suggested” triple bill and a final wild card triple bill, where the Failed Critics can each pick whatever three films for whatever category they like.

Don’t forget to check back at the end of the week to download our podcast.