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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Enormous Walrus

The stars align for hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland who make their final trip to the Bucks 101 Radio studio to chat about topics that probably sum their tastes up more than any other episode produced across the two years, five series and 8,600 downloads of Front Row. Owen reviews the indie found-footage horror film sequel Creep 2, whilst Paul returns from his trip to Twickenham to watch live NFL football.

If you’ve ever downloaded one of our podcasts, tuned in to our live radio broadcasts (at facebook.com/bucks101radio or by searching ‘Bucks 101 Radio’ on TuneIn), suggested songs for us to play, interacted with us on Twitter or done anything else at all to support us over these past couple of years, then we both want to say a huge THANK YOU to you all. It’s been our pleasure to make these shows and hopefully you’ve enjoyed them too on some level.

If you want to keep in touch with us, you can find Paul on Twitter @p_rutland96 or Owen at @ohughes86. You can keep supporting future University of Buckingham media and journalism students by listening to Bucks 101 Radio during term time, leaving comments on TuneIn and Facebook, and generally being as lovely for them as you were with us.

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: A Big Moon and Trump

With no Failed Critics Podcast this week (you’ll have to wait for our Thor: Ragnarok review next week), it means your sole audio-pleasure must instead be derived from Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland’s Bucks 101 Radio show Front Row.

The latest bitesize podcast from their hour-long radio show this week features a chat about The Big Moon (again) after Owen ventured into Oxford for their gig straight from the Q Awards, before reviewing Netflix Original horror-comedy The Babysitter. Paul’s usual sports round-up is somewhat sacrificed so that he can reveal the greatest living sportsman – and it’s probably not who you’re expecting it to be – and much like the BBC News headlines, Trump dominates Roll the Dice.

All of our archived episodes of Front Row can still be accessed for free.

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Going out on a High-atus

Front Row Logo

No, your podcast player of choice has not gone insane. You are receiving two entirely different episodes of Front Row with Owen and Paul within the space of three days. To make up for the very late publishing of the previous episode, we’re putting this one out early.

It’s also the final episode of Front Row for the foreseeable future. Series three has been a blast to record and produce. Both co-hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland are hugely appreciative of all the input we’ve received from listeners during the live Bucks101 Radio broadcasts over the past seven weeks. It’s meant a lot to us, but like most good things, it has to come to an end.

At least temporarily. Owen and Paul explain the reason for the hiatus on this week’s podcast edition of Monday’s live show during the final roll-the-dice section. Elsewhere, Owen reviews adult-animated comedy Sausage Party, whilst Paul has a fully prepared sports round-up leading to a conversation about Sam Allardyce’s first game in charge of the England football team.

Thanks again for all your support over the past three series. Who knows, we may see the show reincarnated in some form or other. In the meantime, why not listen to the Failed Critics Podcast for more of Owen’s film reviews, or read Paul’s blog to keep up to date with his antics.

All previous episodes of Front Row can of course be accessed right here!

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: And You!

Front Row Logo

Quite possibly the longest we’ve ever left it between the live Bucks101 Radio broadcast of Front Row with Owen and Paul, and the eventual podcast edit of the show. In fact, in the meantime, we’ve even broadcast an entire other show. Sorry about that.

But this was a good one, we promise. Mainly, I suppose, because most of the content was decided by you, the listener, and not us! To tie into the fact that one or the other of Owen and Paul have been missing at least once this series, we thought the best thing to do would be to let you choose the music – and we had some crackers! Idgy Dean, I Start Counting, erm… AC/DC…

It wasn’t just music last week. We also talked a little about The Purge: Election Year, the (then) latest football results amongst the sports round-up and even managed to fit in enough time to roll the dice and rant about E4’s new barrel-scraping bottom-feeder of a show, Celebs Go Dating. Urgh.

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Front Row[en]

Front Row Logo

Welcome to this week’s episode of Front Row with Owen and Paul– wait, let me start that sentence again.

Welcome to this week’s episode of Front Row with Owen.

That’s better. Unfortunately, Front Row co-host Paul Rutland couldn’t make this week’s broadcast of their Bucks101 Radio show (Monday, 2pm) and Owen Hughes left it too late to find a replacement so ended up running an entire episode on his own. Oops. Nevertheless, short though the runtime for this week’s podcast may be, we still squeeze in a recap of Ricky Gervais’ career thus far as well as a round-up of the previous week in sport – including the Olympics closing ceremony that nobody watched and one mind-boggling football statistic.

Rather unusually, the entire broadcast of this week’s episode of Front Row including the music is available to listen back to via Owen’s YouTube page until it is deemed to contravene some copyright law or other. You can watch on the embedded video below, or download the show as an mp3 from the link as per usual.

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Nice Guys?

Front Row Logo

It was a podcast that began just like any other podcast. Two guys, Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland, sat around a microphone, speaking into it. They opened the show with an intro. It recapped what was in the upcoming penultimate episode. Everything was there, as normal; a sports round-up, roll the dice, the latest film reviews. You name it. If you wanted it, they had it.

It was then that I began to get suspicious. Where was the music? What happened to last week’s roll-the-dice section? Why was I talking as if in the opening segment of a noir movie?

And then it hit me.

This was the week that Owen finally got to review the eagerly awaited Shane Black crime-noir comedy, The Nice Guys. And boy, did he love it!

Paul, on the other hand, had no idea who Shane Black was or why Owen was so excited about it, so instead led the sports round-up, including: A short tribute to the late, great Muhammad Ali; Andy Murray’s French Open failure; as well as a brief introduction to Friday’s European Championship kick-off in France.

In other news, with Bucks101 Radio over for the term and still experiencing technical issues, this week’s podcast (and next week’s final episode in the series) was not originally broadcast on the radio. Therefore, there’s no playlist for this episode. Sorry.

However, Owen and Paul now have a new email address that you can contact them on at OwenAndPaulProductions@gmail.com – and in more exciting news, you can check out the latest trailer for their documentary on the YouTube clip below. You can look forward to seeing the full documentary when it’s released on Friday.

After you’ve listened to Front Row, of course…

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Front Row with Owen and Paul: The Scottish Radio Show

Front Row Logo

The latest episode of Front Row with Owen and Paul is likely to cause offence – not due to swearing, at least, which we’ve found a new filter for. But like the two pretentious University students trying to sound intelligent by talking about Shakespeare that they are, only to sully themselves with cock jokes throughout, many people are sure to be rubbed up the wrong way (if you know what I mean).

With the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death/birth celebrated this past weekend, Owen revisits last October’s adaptation of Macbeth, starring Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender. In the sports round-up, Paul covers  the infamous “deflate-gate”, the poorly defined fines in sport, and the shock of the University of Buckingham FC’s cup final victory.

The tunes on this week’s live Bucks101 Radio show (Tuesday’s, 5pm!) were chosen to fit a theme: “build a body out of songs”, as suggested on Twitter by Brian Plank. Limited to four tracks each, Owen and Paul had to find a song title or band name that made reference to a head, a body, legs and arms. Needless to say, playing Frankenstein is not as easy as it sounds with some very tenuous links being made by the pair.

Finally in the show, the dice roll lands on TV for the first time this series. Just in time for Owen and Paul to discuss why they aren’t watching Game of Thrones, what illegal downloading means to them, all before veering way off course to chat about Kid Rock’s ticketing policy. Hmm.


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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Bringing It All Back

Front Row Logo

The second episode of the second series of Front Row kicks off with Owen and Paul talking about the music that inspired, influenced or otherwise impacted them when they were younger. From 70’s punk to 90’s pop, they try and share the tunes that remind them most of their youth.

(Of course, as per usual, there’s no full songs available on the podcast. For that, you need to tune into Bucks101 Radio via Facebook or download the TuneIn app for Android / iOS and listen live on Tuesday’s at 5pm!)

There was still room in the show for our regular segments with Owen quelling his S-Club-fuelled-anger long enough to review Disney’s latest flick, The Jungle Book. Whereas Paul stopped dancing and singing along to S Club 7 long enough in the studio to mention the latest round of football results, the controversy around Alastair Cook’s helmet debacle and snooker legend Steve Davis’ retirement, all in the sports round-up.


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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Good Radio or Not

Front Row Logo

Series two of Front Row with Owen and Paul is off to a flyer as the Bucks101 Radio show returns in a new timeslot (Tuesday’s at 5pm), but with just as much sport, movies and general shenanigans as ever.

Our featured movie review, after a short hiatus, sees Owen Hughes taking on the violent, extreme and nauseating action film, Hardcore Henry. Meanwhile, Paul Rutland rounds-up both the good and the unfortunate from the past week in sport – clearly, neither Owen nor Paul are qualified doctors.

Only one minor adjustment has been made to Front Row’s format since last series, with the choice of music in the live radio show being centred around a unique theme. In this episode, the pair were tasked with choosing tracks that remind them of films. We’re looking for suggestions from you, our loyal listeners, for different themes to adopt in future episodes. “Drop us a line” at failedcritics@gmail.com, or tweet to @ohughes86 or @p_rutland96 with your topics.

You still won’t find music in the podcast, but as always you can listen to the tunes from every episode of Front Row on our YouTube page.


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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Widdle Rumpton

Front Row Logo

Five episodes in and it’s still plain sailing for Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland’s show, Front Row, over at Bucks101 Radio.

This week’s podcast digest features the usual mix of japes and hijinks. Our main movie review is Bone Tomahawk, a horror-western genre mash-up that will plague Owen’s nightmares for a good while. We also chat more generally about the Oscars and who we think will win in the “big four” categories. Meanwhile, Paul’s sports round-up features reports on the latest developments in the Champions League, the cricket and with the ever-controversial Ronnie O’Sullivan. We also have something a little different towards the end of the show as we land on another new topic in Roll the Dice.

Front Row will be back on the radio next Thursday at 6pm where you can catch the whole show – that’s movie reviews, sports reports and another dice roll, on top of our selection of music that you miss out on in the podcast (but you already know that by now). Take a look at the playlist below to see which tracks you missed out on this week.


  1. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Paul)
  2. Pearl Jam – Unemployable (Owen)
  3. Zac Brown Band – Toes (Paul)
  4. The Shins – Pariah King (Owen)
  5. Russell Morris – Wings of an Eagle (Paul)
  6. Satellite High – The Bus Is Late (Owen)
  7. Jack Johnson – Better Together (Paul)
  8. Lake – Remote Control Cars (Owen)

Right-click and choose ‘save as’ to download the podcast as an mp3

Front Row with Owen and Paul: Spinning Pigeons

Front Row Logo

Another week, another Bucks101 radio show complete and resultant podcast of said show…!

On this fourth episode of Front Row, hosts Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland bond over Bond, review the R-rated box office smash Deadpool, and mull over some rather curious superstitions in the sports round-up. The rules of the ‘roll the dice’ section are broken, just four weeks in, as the topic of conversation chosen by the random roll lands on ‘music’ yet again – three weeks out of four! Nope. Re-roll, please.

As always, Front Row will be back on Bucks101 Radio next Thursday at 6pm, where you can hear all of the lovely chat (…well, lovely-ish…) as well as that week’s music. A playlist of all the tracks you missed out on this week is below.


  1. Nirvana – I Hate Myself and Want To Die (Owen)
  2. The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love (Paul)
  3. Pixies – I’ve Been Tired (Owen)
  4. Muse – Feeling Good (Paul)
  5. Weezer – Tired of Sex (Owen)
  6. Queen – Hammer To Fall (Paul)
  7. Plumtree – Go! (Owen)
  8. New Radicals – You Get What You Give (Paul)

Right-click and choose ‘save as’ to download the podcast as an mp3