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Failed Critics Podcast: Sharknadon’t

After a week-long hiatus, Steve Norman and Owen Hughes are back with a new episode and a slightly less conventional format than usual. With the premiere of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming airing on the SyFy Channel at the same time as the pair sat down to record, we cover the usual movie chat whilst dipping in and out of the Asylum’s unfathomably popular franchise.

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Failed Critics Podcast: Guarding the Galaxy from Sharknadoes

sharknadoNothing goes over the head of these podcasters. Not even humongous man-eating fish being hurled at them by a terrible sharkrnado. Our reflexes are too fast, plus we have chainsaws for hands.

James is absent, but not yet retired. Just lazy. Steve warns against watching the latest b-movie from The Asylum, Sharknado 2: The Second One. Meanwhile, Carole tries to hold it together after the announcement that Studio Ghibli may be closing to give us the low-down on a slightly more up-market Boyhood and Chef, whilst Owen reviews a hundred year old documentary, The Great White Silence, in light of the Sight & Sound’s recent awards.

Oh, and there’s some film about people saving the galaxy that’s out that you may have heard of? Guardians of the Galaxy? Oooh. Yeeeaaaah. It’s a doozy.

Join us next week for what will likely be a sentimental farewell as James makes his final regular appearance on the podcast.



Sharknado 2: The Second One – a preview

In roughly two hours time, the SyFy channel here in the UK will be showing the sequel to one of the most terrible movies of all time. As Sharknado 2 invades our homes with its obnoxious characters, ludicrous situations and flying sharks, we are inviting everyone to join us over on Twitter as we live-tweet this, erm, event at 9pm.

To whet the appetite, we’ve prepared a short jawesome preview of the opening 10 minutes of the most fintastic film out this year.

'Sharknado 2: The Second One' TV on set filming, New York, America - 19 Feb 2014The Asylum. Notorious to many as the studio that brought us – or, rather, inflicted upon us, depending on your point of view – such terrible low budget knock-off’s like Atlantic Rim, Two-Headed Shark Attack, Transmorphers and, of course, last years surprise cult smash hit Sharknado. That’s right. As the tagline states, “enough said”. It is literally about a tornado full of sharks. Can you imagine a disaster film plot line more terrifying than that? A volcano full of dinosaurs? An earthquake full of giant spiders? No, don’t be silly. You can’t imagine anything more terrifying than that. The thing is, neither can The Asylum. So, instead, they’re doing it all again. Only this time, it’s in New York! The scale of destruction will be insurmountable. The intern in the CGI department was probably shaking with fear at the job he had in hand when this was announced.

Anthony C. Ferrante’s sequel picks up shortly after the end of Sharknado. The most unlucky protagonist since John McLane, Fin Shepard (yes, that is the character’s name, as played by Ian Ziering) is now famous for his chainsaw-wielding fishy-weather exploits thanks to a massively successful book, “How to Survive a Sharknado”, as penned by his love interest Tara Reid. Whilst travelling on a plane to New York, we encounter the first of many, many cameos in the guise of Kelly Osbourne as an Air Hostess who promptly recognises our hero and, you guessed it, isn’t long for this world.

Already nervous about the stormy weather conditions, in an ode to the famous Twilight Zone story, Fin takes a peek out of the window only to see his worst nightmare! It looks like.. like… no, it can’t be? Surely not ANOTHER Sharknado?! I think it is, you know. And it’s confirmed as a massive toothy shark comes clattering into the wing of the aeroplane. Does Kelly Osbourne believe him? Does she heck. “It’s happening again”. It most certainly is, Fin. More sharks start pummelling the plane as the sharknado gets thicker (and so do I with every second that passes) until inevitably one takes out the window. Mayhem ensues as all manner of bull shark, blue shark, great white, hammerhead, Sharkie and George come flying through the cabin, munching away at the unsuspecting passengers. Fin boldly steps up to land the plane and, well, I think that’s as good a place as any to end this preview piece, just before the opening credits begin and you have to read the name “Thunder Levin”.

If this sounds like the most terrible start to a movie you’ve ever heard, you’d be right. However, it is every bit as amazing as a schlocky b-movie creature feature such as this should be. Sarcastic (I’ve spared you a ‘sharkastic’ pun there), ironic, self-aware, meta, whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubting that Sharknado 2 has its targets firmly set on a particular audience and expertly knows how to pander to them. Like us, we hope you’ll see the funny side of perhaps the Asylum’s best movie to date and will join us at 9pm tonight on Twitter (@FailedCritics).

We’re all going to die in a Sharknado – damn that catchy theme tune!