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Phil Sharman’s Worst & Best of 2015

Before the results of the Failed Critics Awards are published here in writing, Phil Sharman (one of our contributors to the end of year podcast) has created this beautiful document, highlighting which films he enjoyed and not-so-enjoyed last year.

(Seriously, it’s pretty darn gorgeous and combines the use of spreadsheets and fantastic writing to read like something right out of the middle of a popular newspaper pull-out (that’s meant as a compliment). What’s not to like?!)

Having seen exactly 64 films released in 2015, Phil decided to run his very own knockout tournament to find out what were his best – and, just as importantly, his worst – films of the entire past 12 months. But I will let him explain his own rationale in the finished article below…

Click the image to open the full PDF file
Click the image to open the full PDF file

You can find all of Phil’s appearances on the Failed Critics Podcast throughout 2015 here, including reviews of Transporter: Refueled, Ted 2, Crimson Peak, Beasts of No Nation, and of course the end of year awards show.