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Character Unlock: E3 2017 Part Two – Xbox

The E3 Hype train continues today as Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase rolls into town.

Join the lads as they pull apart what could be the most important conference of the week as Microsoft formally announce the name of what we’ve all come to know as Project Scorpio.

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Character Unlock: Boots on the Ground – A Telltale Series

Welcome to another episode of Character Unlock, the video game-centric (but equally shambolic) Failed Critics sister podcast. In our 17th episode, usual host Andrew Brooker has stepped aside to let his partner in crime John Miller take the reigns, guiding us through the news from the past couple of weeks and keeping things on track as the guys share their last couple of weeks of gaming.

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Character Unlock: The Great Switcheroo


It’s business as usual this week as Character Unlock forgets the specials… Forgets the films… And forgets to do any form of planning.

In the latest episode of the video game-centric podcast, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker thank their lucky stars that the big conference detailing Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, happened because otherwise they would have nothing to talk about. Shambolic as ever, the lads pick apart Nintendo’s new machine, the games that are/aren’t coming with it and the extra gubbins you need to buy just to make it worth owning. The guys wax lyrical on whether or not it’s worth picking one up at launch and whether the possibility of a new Xbox this year (that totally isn’t racist) is the better option when it comes to who gets their money.

In other news, there’s an attempt to tackle the cancellation of Platinum Games/Microsoft exclusive JRPG Scalebound’s cancellation and the closing of a studio near and dear to Brooker’s heart.

Also this week: John finally gets his hands on Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate; Brooker tries desperately to finish even one game from his pile of shame; and both prefer Madden to real life football at the moment. Such are the lives of these boring-ass gamers.

Join us again in two weeks so the guys can share stories of acting like frightened children after the release of Resident Evil VII.