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Front Row with Owen and Paul: Superbown

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Having somehow survived three whole weeks of producing radio shows without being kicked out, Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland are back with the latest bitesize podcast edition of their Bucks101 Radio programme.

Unfortunately, the rules haven’t changed so we still can’t bring you the music from the show. This is a huge shame anyway, of course, but especially so this week as our guest in the studio, Chris Armar, not only talks about his passion for NBA, the NFL and particularly the Super Bowl, but also plays some of his own music for us.

Elsewhere on the show, Owen reviews Zoolander 2 briefly before descending into discussion about Spotlight with Paul, as promised last week. We’ve also got our regular sports round-up and general tom-foolery.


  1. Saint Motel – My Type (Paul)
  2. Sultans of Ping FC – Where’s Me Jumper (Owen)
  3. Gnarls Barkley – Run (Paul)
  4. Half Man Half Biscuit – If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day (Owen)
  5. The Heavy – What Makes A Good Man (Paul)
  6. The Pogues – Thousands Are Sailing (Owen)
  7. The Who – My Generation (Paul)
  8. Trebble™ – Communist Manifesto (Chris Armar)
  9. Guru Josh – Infinity (Ultra Music) (Owen)

Right-click and choose ‘save as’ to download the podcast as an mp3

Failed Critics Podcast: Five Brookside’s Out Of Five

dads army

Welcome to this week’s Failed Critics Podcast. What’re the names of our hosts and guests on this episode..?

Shh! Don’t tell ’em, Steve Norman, Owen Hughes, Brian Plank and Chris Wallace…


Yes, that was a tedious set-up to reveal that on this podcast we’ll be discussing the Dad’s Army movie in our new release section. We’ve also got reviews for you of: heist-thriller Triple 9; a comedy sequel 15 years in the making in Zoolander 2; and the Bryan Cranston starring Trumbo.

In the news this week, the team sat down and watched every single film trailer shown at Super Bowl 50. From a Deadpool teaser to the latest look at Jungle Book, a new Bourne movie and even TMNT2. Yeah – don’t get your hopes up for that last one is all we’ll say right now. More importantly, perhaps, we also try to work out just what the hell is going on lately with Netflix stepping up their attempts to block users accessing multi-regions.

In ‘What We’ve Been Watching’: Owen comes to a conclusion about Woody Harrelson; Brian gets somewhat uncomfortable whilst watching the 70’s Paul Newman classic Slapshot; having only just now finished watching The Wire (for some unfathomable reason) Chris awards it five Brookside‘s out of five; and Steve undertakes a Nic Cage experiment to see if Left Behind is worse than Knowing.

Join us again next week for our full review of Deadpool and our Oscar’s Preview special!



NB: Apologies for the appallingly lazy editing job on this week’s episode. But, in my defence… TTTHHWWPPPTTTTT